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Whelp. Week 4 was a complete wash so in terms of posting, we are skipping and moving to week 5. There is so much going on in our house that I was not able to put together a cohesive post…sad face!! We are wrapping up as many projects as we can so that we can move up to the cabin for the summer without any unfinished business hanging over us.

So! Let’s get this going. As a recap on the previous One Room Challenge™ – For Fall 2018 we focused on the ‘bedroom’ portion of the attic and now we are on to the storage and closet. Maybe the bathroom the Fall 2019???

As a reminder here is where we started: Scary phone photo of the stairs leading up.  I did not even see this space until after we bought the house.

I roughed out a terrible drawing for Dave to follow. See 👇🏼

But the reality is ah-mazing.

Still a bunch of stuff to finish up: trim, paint, etc etc…….. Can’t wait to wrap this up.

You can check out all the other guest participants on the ORC website.
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