World Map project – new art

I created a new piece for me, and it is awesome.  If you did not already know, I have a thing for maps.  (As seen Here  and explained Here)  I was looking for a way to put together a world map piece and stumbled upon this etsy ad.  I am really glad that I found it, as it made my piece super easy to do.


This piece is going above the cabinets that I have in the living room – so I had Dave cut a piece of wood to match the top that we did for the cabinets.  I prepped by sanding and rounding the edges.  I then measured out my placement and started painting.


I used the same Valspar white that I have on my trim and other accents throughout the house.


I got my poly on, with a light sanding in between coats.

and Viola………..


So pretty – IMG_2780

Last thoughts:  ignore the TV (it’s football season!! I gotta have it out here)  and the shadows…it has been overcast the past few days and I didn’t want to wait for pics.

I have a ton of ideas on more map projects, but I will use my projector for those as I will not be able to use the stencil again.  sad face.

Jules’ Room Reveal

Earlier this month I was thinking that Jules’ room was done…..when I was taking the pics of the room – I realized I have some work to do with the interior wall.  (and the mirrors that I have above her desk – but that’s different)

As a reminder – Jules and Jane shared a room until Christmas time.  Click here.

IMG_2364I purchased a few things from Ikea for her room.

Above the square mirrors, I had a series of adhesive circle mirrors in a flowy pattern.  Unfortunately, the adhesive did not work well with the texture on the wall Jules’ room.  I have another set to put up, but I am looking for another adhesive.  I have used the Command picture tabs in the past…and think that is going to be my go-to.


IMG_2407Kermit is from Dave’s childhood and has been passed down to Jules.

IMG_2368Straight across from the bed is the closet.

IMG_2366We are working on putting clothes away.  She is getting pretty good – when I remind her  🙂

Here is where I need to really re-think.  Dave hung the family pictures up for Jules and then I came along with the other 2….and just hung them up…..YEAH…I just hung them up without thinking it through.  I am so p-o’d at myself.  The drywall is brand new in that room and I just willy nilly put 2 holes in it.  Remember my pile of pictures to go through from the office?  Click here.

IMG_2372I have a few pictures from my arty art past that are going to be added to this wall to finish it out.





New table for Jane’s room

Even though Jules has her own room now, she ends up in Jane’s room 95% of the time.  They were just hanging out on the bed, playing on the floor most of the time……or coming to the living room to use the coffee table.  I wanted to add something very functional for them to use….I want to extend the playtime for them for as long as possible.  There is almost 5 years between them and anything I can do to keep the sibling love and play going….I am giving it a whirl.

I wasn’t able to find anything that I liked locally, so I started in on the internet search.  I ended up going with an Ikea table.

IMG_2138Well – the box came and I was in construct mode.

IMG_2140It took me less than an hour and I got a completed table with 2 chairs.  So far the set is a hit.

IMG_2142The girls have spent a bit of time using the chairs by themselves and then the set as a whole.  I hope that it stays popular with the girls for awhile.


Friday Wrap Up

This week has been a full one – quite a few little things going on (besides the removal of the microwave).   We removed the microwave instead of putting in my new front door….so I have to wait another week until that happens.

Here are a few highlights:

IMG_1975We had a Buck in velvet and his girlfriend wander through the neighborhood.

IMG_1978I found some bedding to use in Jane’s room…..on sale!!  If you remember – since Jules moved to her own room – Janey has been living with mis-matched everything.  Click here for the before.  I painted the ceiling and have been on the look out for some new bedding.  FOUND IT!  I am now playing around with the art and the throw on the bed.

IMG_1982I am officially calling it on the driveway….well as official as anything is around here.  It is awesome now….but I may have to do some tweaks after living with it for a bit 🙂

Dave put in a small retaining wall by the house to help with the drainage….he only had a few more bricks to put in when I snapped this pic…..but the hail made us pause.

IMG_0089That black drains leads to a perforated black hose that leads all the water away from the house….score.  Dave has since added in the remaining bricks and I filled it in with additional gravel.

IMG_0118….you can barely made out Jules being Vanna….but you get the drift.  Done.

Well – prep time for the weekend is commencing.  We are working on the boat and taking it out for a day trip to make sure all is good.  See you on the flip side, peeps!

Organization – shoot me now

I like things organized, I like being able to go to a drawer or a bookshelf and finding exactly what I am looking for.  The thing I don’t like is keeping up on it, harping encouraging the girls and Dave to put things where they belong.  The one thing that I will not budge on is making beds… bed is made EVERY morning before I leave the house and the girls are getting better at making their beds each morning as well.  On the other side of the coin (in the bedroom) I do not keep my closet up very well.

A little while ago I ran across a Pin on Pinterest about keeping items in your closet limited.  Unfortunately – it was a late night stroll through Pinterest so I apparently did not Pin the idea…nor do I remember where it came from.  DANG IT!  How crazy is it that I am posting about organizing and I wasn’t organized (or awake enough) to keep track of what inspired me to dive face first into getting AND KEEPING my closet under control.  Seriously, shoot me now.

I started by picking the same hangers for my entire closet….I had a mixture of white and black so I kept all the black.  These are my favorite:

Then I started emptying my closet – changing out the hangers to the ones I picked.

IMG_0117I left Dave’s clothes (on the right-starting after the dress and going all the way behind the wall) alone for the most part.  If I haven’t worn an article of clothing in a year, it went into the hold box.  I decided on a hold box to ensure that I don’t end up with purge regret.  I will keep the box in storage for roughly 3 to 6 months and if I do not go digging in it – the box will go to a clothes swap or be a donation.

closetThis is the end result….I only used 33 hangers…..but the majority of those are getting used for my cardigans.  I have A LOT  of cardigans….and I kind of feel like I cheated as all my tanks are in the drawers next to Dave’s work shirts.

I can do a little more work in making the My side/Dave side even….by switching the shoe cubbies and switching the drawers around.

I will be on the look out for a new set of baskets for the swim suits.  Dave and mine are in the top fabric container and the girls’ are in the bottom.  I used those containers….because I had them and those are the best kind when trying out a new system.

So here is the completed closet……I set a reminder on my calendar and in 3 months, I’ll give a sneak peek at how I am doing with the 33 hangers, and baskets.

IMG_0128What do you think?  Could you do it?


Check off the list (Hint: The Never Ending List)

Remember the Never Ending List?  Well, I have fabulous news….I get to check 2 things off the list!  #5 and #4.  LOVE IT.

#5 – Getting these doors finished and up on the hinges.

DSCN1295I love the wood doors in comparison to the cottage builder doors that have been up since we purchased the house.  Side Note – Captain and First Officer of Destruction really did a number on those doors and Dave had to do some reinforcing to make sure they did not fall off at every small child’s hand.  Wish us luck with these new ones.  Below is a pic that shows what the doors used to look like – forgive the focus:

nameplates1And here is a rough After picture:

DSCN1518So in love with the new doors. The white was very crisp, which I appreciated but I wanted the warmth from the wood

#4 on the Never Ending List.  As a reminder- I purchased a new bed for Jane and it is now put together and in her room.  Here is the before – when Jules and Jane shared the room.

DSCN0739And here is her new bed:

DSCN1522It is low to the ground and easy for her to get in and out of.  Jane will run full throttle into the room and throw herself onto the bed…..giggling the whole way.

The rest of the room is still in a state of flux.  Dave and I scraped the popcorn ceiling – so a paint job is in order.  The art work is the same and needs to be adjusted based on the new scale and placement of the furniture.

DSCN1524Another Side Note – I am in an online Photo 101 Class, so hopefully a noticeable improvement will be seen in the photos I post when I am done.  I need some serious help with how to work with shadows, windows, movement, umm……the whole shebang.  Fingers Crossed.

Bedroom upfit: lighting

If you saw the picture update in the right column from Instagram…you would know that I purchased a light fixture.  I have been combing the internet for months, looking for the right fixture for our bedroom. My Christmas list had an awesome one picked out….but the price, NO!!!!!……..I put a self imposed $100 limit on myself, so that put all of my favorites out of reach.

Almena Flush Mount Ceiling Light – $550

Jonathan Adler Ceiling Light – $269

And those are just 2 of the options that I picked out.  Once I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to break my $100 limit, I made a few trips to the home improvement box stores looking for sales and deals……and came up short.  Until, I decided to look online at Lowe’s….why did it take me so long to look there?  No clue…..but it took me one glance to pick my light fixture out.

allen +roth for $99.98   OMG.  (see below….but ignore the popcorn ceiling)

DSCN1322I am so happy that I was able to find a fixture that I loved….and didn’t just deal with… the price range that I set out with.

DSCN1321What do you think?  Love, Hate?