Christmas Decor

Last year I went all out in the Christmas Décor.  I kid you not.  Every inch of this house was covered in Christmas and it drove me crazy.  I felt like the walls were closing in on me and I couldn’t clean anything.  Since I have multiple shedding animals, the ability to clean up easily ranks very high on my allergic-to-living-things list…… So this year, I took it down quite a few notches.


over done Christmas - the happy crazy house


The girls spent an afternoon decorating the tree.  Jules wanted to know about each and every ornament that she pulled out so we had a good reminiscing session.  The saying curiosity killed the cat was made specifically for Jules.

the happy crazy house Christmas

The dining room is definitely where the action is this year.

Christmas Decor - the happy crazy house

The girls have the Nativity Set on the picture window ledge, they spend time every day rearranging the figurines.  today they are in a circle around the manger.  My mom also gifted us her vintage ceramic light up tree.

Christmas Decor - the happy crazy house

Ummmmm…..I just realized it’s 9 days till Christmas.  What?!  How did that happen?  insert smart ass comment here

Deck the…. House out for Christmas

The girls and I were pretty busy during the previous 2 weeks getting the Christmas decor out and arranged.  When we first started I got all the decor out that we are using this year and put it around the place.  I was happy with where everything was at.  The girls had other plans.

Everything got moved and then moved again.


I think that we are all happy now, as its been a couple of days since something has moved.


So Pretty.


In the dinning room:

are those jack daniels bottles being used as candle holders.  no…I mean Yes.  I painted them to help them blend in.

I don’t own taper sized candle holders and I wasn’t enthused about buying any.  I was given the tapers as a gift, so I used some left over bottles from a card party we hosted a few weeks back.

I am thinking that I should put together a candlelit dinner for Dave and I.


Have a good weekend peeps.

Christmas and people wanting gift ideas….ehhh

I am at the point in life where I am really, really, REALLY bad at narrowing down gift items.  I can pick gifts for others…but myself?  No way.  In an effort to be helpful…hehehehe…… I have come up with the below list of stuff I would probably never get for myself.  In order to come up with this list, I picked the first 6 things that came to my mind.  Never-mind price or practicality (hello, Puppy?)…Nobody but mister is going to get me a $400 mixer.  🙂

The Quickest Christmas list....ever

Rose Quartz Amethyst Diamond – Let’s get some jewelry on this list – More Kitchen gadgets!!!

File Goldendoodle puppy.jpg – Who doesn’t want a puppy?  A snugly puppy to love

Are you terrible at proposing gift ideas for yourself??
In other news…..I really enjoy the holiday season…especially with young kids….more on that in the next post.