Losing my ever loving parent mind

Have you ever taken a good look around at your life and wondered how you are still sane?  That’s me right now.  Dave has been getting his work travel on, which leaves me with the girls.  The girls have decided to up their game in the bickering department, the dogs are at an all-time high in annoying-ness, the cat cannot decide whether she wants to be outside or inside and the chickens have decided that flying over our fence is a good idea.   Out of all of that, the kid fighting is the worst.

Background: I have a sister but she graduated high school while I was still in elementary school.  I have no memory of being a bickering kid with her.  I do remember fun visits, letters, phone calls, being ecstatic when she came home and teary eyed when it was time for her to go.  Given that this is my experience with siblings…I have a hard time with how my girls interact.

I wanted more than 1 child, we tried for years to have Jane.  When she finally got around to making an appearance, Jules and Jane ended up almost 5 years apart.   Jules was so easy as a child that the difficulties that Jane presented almost broke me.  Jane scream cried every afternoon and would never take a nap.  She hated being on her stomach, hated being on her back, hated being in a vibrating chair, hated being in a swing…..on and on.  Getting her to sleep was an exercise in Mary Poppins Ninja moves.  Sigh…Parent mind.  I miss those days….Sigh.  See?  CRAZY!  When she outgrew that stage, there was this wonderful lull in which she hadn’t started talking a whole lot.  Then there was the game changer, Jane decided she had a voice and started using it.  Much to Jules’ dismay  The fights started almost overnight.  Jane did not want to be Jules’ minion anymore and let us all know about it.

I know that they have fun and can play well together.  


the happy crazy house jules and jane play

But man oh man, their noise level drives me out of my ever loving mind.  Or maybe it’s the constant MOM, MOM, MOM??

The ultimate crazy comes from the fact that I hate to be parted from them.  Example:  My mom and I spoke and saw each other multiple times last week.  I must have had that crazy eyed, visible nerves running along the skin parent look about me, as she volunteered to have the girls over for a sleepover.  My instant response was, Are you sure?  Mainly because I love waking up to them in the mornings.  The girls had their sleepover with mom and enjoyed themselves immensely, while I dealt with misbehaving dogs and chickens.  the chickens had to get their wings clipped – a necessary step to keep them safe.  see this video for an example.   Not the relaxing morning that I had hoped for, but what can you do?   HA!

I love those girls so much that it hurts sometimes.  They are so smart, cute, complicated, and challenging.  But apparently, I am surprised by how annoyed I can get by the whole being a mom thing.  I NEVER thought this would happen to me. Delusional?  Hell yeah.

but…..then they do something ridiculously cute and I melt.

the happy crazy house kids

iPhone pic in the car….sorry….but you see what I am dealing with right??!!  


First Family Trip – Hawaii

Here are some pics of our first for realsies (i.e. get on a plane and go someplace together) vacation.  There is no real reason why we haven’t done this in the past – we just haven’t.  Dave travels relentlessly for work, so we tend to do the same things year after year.  We take the kids camping almost every weekend in the summer, go to the lake for a week in the summer and then Dave and I take an adult weekend vacation in the spring (maybe) and then a Denver football game in the fall.

This year has been far from normal.  We haven’t taken our camper out yet.  can you hear my heart breaking?  And we went to Denver instead of the lake over Fourth and our fall football game is a no-go.  With routine thrown out…..this for realsies vacation with the kids was such a treat.

Although the ‘getting there’ portion was not a treat.  Janey started complaining of an upset stomach, I didn’t think much of it as Janey frequently has aches and pains that she uses for hugs, kisses and carrys.  It wasn’t until her face drained of all color that we panicked.  I was sitting with Janey 2 rows behind Dave and Jules when the puking started.  And it WAS.HORRIBLE.  Dave couldn’t hear me trying to get his attention….so the mom sitting in front of me had to grab his arm and state in no uncertain terms “Your wife NEEDS you”.  A few hours of pukey-ness down and then a few hours of sleep put Jane right again.  Seeing her the next day, you wouldn’t even know she had been that ill.

The first time they put their feet in the ocean:

Exploring a lava tube

thehappycrazyhouse in Hawaii

Perspective on the plant life

A pool heated by the lava activity underneath and fed by the ocean

Turtles on the black sand beach





I took a short, dark video of what it sounds like at night.

Hilo is the largest town on the Big Island, but I would not classify it as a tourist town.  I enjoyed it immensely.  We wandered all over the island (nothing is very far away) and the kids had a blast seeing all the sights that we fit in.  We were careful not to over-schedule ourselves so we were able to see what we wanted and even go back to the kids favorite activity….the hot pool.

Here is a brief look at where we went:

Hawaii map

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know of my graceful accident.  During the last hour on the island, I broke myself.  Oops!  That flight home wasn’t amazing.

leg pic


We have a new family member!!!  It’s a puppy!  Meet Archer…Archer is a Papillon – please see the link below for info on the breed.


I knew about him, but it was a surprise to Dave and the girls when I brought him home.

The first meeting:

the happy crazy house papillion archer

Obviously the human family members were excited by his appearance.  Our other 4 legged animals have been resigned to his addition to their world.  hahaha.  There were no issues with their introductions.  Quite frankly, we have been blessed with our animals.  They really are easy going; just accepted him and moved on.

the happy crazy house Archer Hilde

I had a list of names picked out for us to choose from but when we were trying them out…none of them fit.  We almost settled on Harvey, but I couldn’t quite agree.  Even though it would have been really cool for him to have his own theme song.

I was pretty set on Sterling, although I was sure Dave would never agree…and I was right.  But when I did mention Sterling, we both looked at each other and were like “Archer!!”  Points to you if you know the reference.  I can’t wait to tell him he left crumbs on the floor, “That’s how you get ants.” Or when his ears fill in, “Look at his tufted ears!”   and with Archer, he still gets a theme song…….Score!!!!

Playing with his toys.

the happy crazy house archer

Sleeping after a hard day.

the happy crazy house archer

Just love this little guy.  Look for him photo bombing in future pictures.


Our new cat – Harriet

Well – in my last post I introduced you to our new kitty, Harriet.

Not gunna lie…Lillian (my last cat, that passed away last year) was a special cat.  She loved to cuddle, came when called, allowed the girls to pet, love on and cart around.  I was doubtful that another cat could come into the house and be as cool with the girls as Lillian was.  Well…..this cat is super cool with the girls.

Harriet is a pretty chill cat.  She has a semi routine now and it revolves around this kitty bed I purchased just for her.

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Jane loves to chit chat with Harriet….see that colored paper in the bed?  that’s a gift from Jane to Harriet.


Harriet loves her chin and cheeks to be scratched.

Seriously, this cat is super chill.

Man oh Man….so pretty and so good natured.

Yeah for Harriet!


Busy Week

This past week was pretty busy, but very rewarding.

Top of the list:

I got to have my friends 1 1/2 year old little girl, Charlotte, stay with me….cause my friends were at the hospital having twins!  Mama, Daddy and twins are doing well.  I loved having little Charlotte stay with me…Jules and Jane doted, fought and loved on Charlotte.  So cute.

Here she is in all her little cuteness.

Charlotte did so well in a new place, away from her Mama and Daddy.  Miss her little face already.

While Charlotte was with us, I took on a couple of canning projects.

Recipes to come – but we did dilly beans, strawberry jam and crushed tomatoes.

And then this happened…..


We introduced a new kitty into our family.   Our last kitty, Lillian, died about a year ago and the girls have been pretty persistent in their requests.  We picked this kitty up from the Yellowstone Animal Shelter, where she was being held as a stray.  I do not know much about her history, only that she is 3 and was living under a front deck for about a month before Animal Control was called to pick her up.

We named her Harriet the Cat, or HarryCat.  She has come when called a few times….but it seems to be more of a coincidence.  We are working on it.  HarryCat is so docile and sweet.  She has been very accepting of the kids and dogs.

Crap!  I almost forgot.  Dave and I had our Birthdays as well.  Obviously, there was not a lot of time for birthday exploits….but we will celebrate at a later date.   😉


A Day in the Life

As usual I am late to the ‘Day in the Life’ party….but I am here now.  So let’s do this day in the life of a working mom thing.

Mornings –

I am usually awakened by my alarm….that I push snooze on at least twice, but today I was greeted by a child’s butt.  At some point Jane had crawled into bed with me and she was tossing and turning – she ended up kicking me in the ribs and that’s how I woke up with a butt in my face.  On other days, I try to get up and get ready – hair, teeth, make-up and clothes, before the girls wake up.  Sometimes I am successful, most times I am not.  When the girls trudge up the stairs I am prepping myself for good morning or bad morning.  you parents know what I am talking about.   is getting dressed and brushing teeth the equivalent of throwing yourself into hot lava?  yup….   The girls are inherently gabby and sunny natured – but if there has been any illness or sleeplessness – the bears come out.

but in these pictures they look like little angels.

Depending on when the girls wake up, we have anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to get ready for the day and out the door.  The dogs always make it interesting, as they are chomping at the bit to get outside and do their business.  So the girls sometimes race to be the one that lets them out.

Brushing hair and teeth commences and then the age old girl question of “What to wear?”  When Jules was younger, she used to have full on melt downs over what to wear each day.  I tried everything to eliminate this habit, from picking out clothes the night before, to only having a few things in the closet to choose from, but nothing worked.  I ended up putting her to bed fully dressed one evening after her bath and the next morning was smooth sailing.  It seems weird to put a kid to bed dressed but it worked!  She eventually grew out of that faze….Thank Goodness.

We load up in the car and its hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’s’.

Lunch time –

I will run errands during my lunch break and/or come home and clean house.  If Dave is in town, he leaves after me in the morning, so I take advantage of an empty house and clean.  I will clean up all the dishes that did not make it from the sink to the dishwasher, pick up the kitchen, move laundry, put away laundry, etc.  I will also vacuum.  I am allergic to my dogs, so keeping up on dog hair is essential.  does anyone know why dog hair likes to hang out on stairs?  seems to multiply over a few hours….there has got to be some science reason for that.  I try to get as much cleaning and picking up done during this time frame as possible.

Depending on my plans for dinner, I will pull together a crock pot meal or prep any food that I will be using for dinner.

Anything that doesn’t get done during the lunch hour – is held over for after work.

After work:

Jules will practice piano and Jane will bother her, while I finish up the details on dinner. 

After Dinner:

Help Mama with the dishes

After the things that are more ‘have to’s’ are done…I send the girls off to play for as much of the evening as possible.

On this evening the girls made a maze for Tinkle to go through while she was in her hamster roller ball.  So cute.

After clean up and prayers….the girls are off to sleepy land.  hopefully

If Dave is in town, I like to get him to watch a show or 2 with me.  Right now we are on Sleepy Hollow via Hulu.  If Dave is not in town….I can go a little crazy.

This can be me….

And then this one……

This could have happened….hahahaha. 

If binge watching Netflix isn’t my cup of tea, then it’s off to snuggle with a book.

Obviously our days vary…but this sums it up.  The girls and I love it when Dave is home.  In the mornings, he helps with the girls by getting them up and ready for the day.  When he gets home from work, he usually distracts the girls from their ‘have to’s’ with running, chasing, wrestling and just plain horsing around.  They are hilarious when they decide to play zombie together.


Once dinner is done, Dave will go and work on the house or vehicle projects until the girls come to distract HIM.

I have yet to come up with a good summation of Dave….for today, a good way to describe him is ….best thing since fire, cars and beer.  Neither Dave or I like to get our photos taken all that much but I do have a few that I have managed to sneak in.  They represent ‘other days in the life’.

and then this super adorable one.

Well there you go.  What are your days like?


Parent Judging

Free Range Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting vs. whocaresletsjustsupporteachother

I ran across this article yesterday and can’t stop thinking about it and what it implies about the world we live in now.

Washington Post Article “Maryland couple want ‘free-range’ kids, but not all do

First off – I hate the idea and practice of labeling your parenting style.  It is a very popular trend and I feel like it divides rather than unifies parents.  Being a parent is challenging enough…..we don’t need people silently or not so silently judging because we are in a different parenting style group.  Now, don’t think I am a saint and haven’t had disdainful thoughts or words come out of my mouth about another person’s parenting choices, but you can be damn sure that I check myself.  (A very good practice passed to me from a friend, K.  But that is a different post)  No one is perfect and it is about time that we support each other and our parenting choices.

This video that has been all over Social Media pretty much sums up what we do…..but ends with what we should be doing.  If you notice that it was Similac that put out the video and feel inclined to make a comment about how the video is a subtle advertisement…..yes, I know that….but it does not make the message less valid.  I read the comments on the original video posting and it made me realize that the majority of people posting needed to watch the video again.

Most parents feel judged, and not just judged about bottle feeding vs breastfeeding.  Parents are made to feel that their choices are not good enough, from how often you get up with your kids, when you start potty training, when your kids start to walk and to bring it full circle -to Free Range Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting.  Stop it already.

Peace out peeps.