Jules’ Room Part Deux

I updated Jules’ room before we left Montana and she was very sad to leave it behind.¬† See Jules’ Room in the Montana House Tour.¬† Now that we are getting settled into the Prairie Victorian I have been pulling together some images of what I would like to do for her room here.

Jules' Room Part Deux



The most striking item is the giant wall clock.¬† It remains to be seen as to whether Jules would actually say yes to it – but it a super cool feature in this proposal.¬† also that super cute furry bone bunny is just such an out of the ordinary piece…I had to add it in.¬† Our family loves Halloween, its just a slight nod.¬† I might also switch out the pink for a teal.
Jules liked the artwork in her previous room, so I will start with those and build from there.  This is what I had in her room before

Sometimes I think to myself – my poor family, they have to put up with constant changes in the house, me always asking if they are ok with how their rooms look…secretly crossing my fingers that there is something that they want to change.¬† And if they don’t want to change anything, me thinking up a reason to surprise them with something new.¬† Does that make me a lunatic?¬† Probably.¬† I am surprised Dave hasn’t lost it, especially when he comes home from a work trip and opens a drawer in the kitchen to find hand towels instead of our silverware or has to search for the plates for the umpteenth time in our marriage.

They must really love me.¬† ūüôā


Happy Birthday Jules

Jules had an eventful birthday this year. ¬†Her piano recital was first thing on Saturday morning….no sleeping in for you sweetheart.


We spent the rest of the afternoon at home, prepping for the party. ¬†The kids had a blast – it was a very ‘crafty’ time. ¬†I kid you not….its like a glitter bomb went off in my house. ¬†I will be cleaning that up for months to come….hahahaha ¬†The projects were winter themed; button wreaths, foam picture frames and tiny little wooden shapes. ¬†The girls decorated their own cupcakes as well.


All in all a busy, messy and loud birthday.  I would call that a success

the happy crazy house birthday jules

Happy 11th Birthday Blondie….I love you

Halloween Birthday Party – Done!!

Another one for the books.  Over the course of the night we had 30 people wandering around.  See this Post for my inspiration.  Jane was incredibly happy with her friends and the evening as a whole.  Here are some highlights:


Food prep Рregular and mini cupcakes.  Frosted and un-frosted cookies.  Pizzas in the oven.

the happy crazy house Halloween party birthday

Harriet greeting the guests.

the happy crazy house Harriet


the happy crazy house I love Lucy and day of the dead

Creating a photo corner for the the guests

Papa and Grandma the Witch

the happy crazy house halloween

Bobbing for Apples

the happy crazy house bobbing for apples

The kids looked like they had a blast. ¬†They did a Skull Toss for cookies, bobbed for apples and went ‘fishing’ for glow in the dark necklaces. ¬†My favorite was the apple bobbing. ¬†They got really into it and were very wet when I sent them home…..Sorry Parents!!

Hints on the Skull toss – the skulls below are all plastic and when we were setting up the games beforehand, it seemed like the bobbing for apples and fishing in the dark would not be enough….so out came a wide plastic Halloween Treat bowl.¬† Perfect in a pinch and super easy.¬† The kids really enjoyed it and played multiple times as the evening went on.

the happy crazy house halloween

As I stated in my inspiration post Рthe best part about this is that it was super easy to adjust all of the Halloween decor and morph it into  DIY Birthday/Halloween decor.  A little pumpkin spray paint to blend the themes together and we are in business.


Look at how cute they are.

The Happy crazy house halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Be safe.

Check out this link for more Autumn Ideas.

Losing my ever loving parent mind

Have you ever taken a good look around at your life and wondered how you are still sane?¬† That’s me right now.¬† Dave has been getting his work travel on, which leaves me with the girls.¬† The girls¬†have decided to up their game in the bickering department, the dogs are at an all-time high in annoying-ness, the cat cannot decide whether she wants to be outside or inside¬†and the chickens have decided that flying over our fence is a good idea. ¬† Out of all of that, the kid fighting is the worst.

Background: I have a sister but she graduated high school while I was still in elementary school.¬† I have no memory of being a bickering kid with her.¬† I do remember fun visits, letters, phone calls, being ecstatic when she came home and teary eyed when it was time for her to go.¬† Given that this is my experience with siblings…I have a hard time with how my girls interact.

I wanted more than 1 child, we tried for years to have Jane. ¬†When she finally got around to making an appearance, Jules and Jane ended up¬†almost 5 years apart. ¬† Jules was so easy as a child that the difficulties that Jane presented almost broke me. ¬†Jane scream cried every afternoon and would never take a nap. ¬†She hated being on her stomach, hated being on her back, hated being in a vibrating chair, hated being in a swing…..on and on. ¬†Getting her to sleep was an exercise in Mary Poppins Ninja moves. ¬†Sigh…Parent mind. ¬†I miss those days….Sigh. ¬†See? ¬†CRAZY!¬† When she outgrew that stage, there was this wonderful lull in which she hadn‚Äôt started talking a whole lot.¬† Then there was the game changer, Jane decided she had a voice and started using it.¬† Much to Jules‚Äô dismay¬† The fights started almost overnight.¬† Jane did not want to be Jules‚Äô minion anymore and let us all know about it.

I know that they have fun and can play well together.  


the happy crazy house jules and jane play

But man oh man, their noise level drives me out of my ever loving mind. ¬†Or maybe it’s the constant MOM, MOM, MOM??

The ultimate crazy comes from the fact that I hate to be parted from them. ¬†Example: ¬†My mom and I spoke and saw each other multiple times last week. ¬†I must have had that crazy eyed, visible nerves running along the skin parent look about me, as she volunteered to have the girls over for a sleepover. ¬†My instant response was, Are you sure? ¬†Mainly because I love waking up to them in the mornings. ¬†The girls had their sleepover with mom and enjoyed themselves immensely, while I dealt with misbehaving dogs and chickens.¬† the chickens had to get their wings clipped ‚Äď a necessary step to keep them safe.¬† see this video for an example. ¬†¬†Not the relaxing morning that I had hoped for, but what can you do?¬† ¬†HA!

I love those girls so much that it hurts sometimes.  They are so smart, cute, complicated, and challenging.  But apparently, I am surprised by how annoyed I can get by the whole being a mom thing.  I NEVER thought this would happen to me. Delusional?  Hell yeah.

but…..then¬†they do something ridiculously cute and I melt.

the happy crazy house kids

iPhone pic in the car….sorry….but you see what I am dealing with right??!! ¬†


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