Removal of the microwave

When Dave and I moved into this house, I was on the look out for a nice upgrade to the counter microwave we had at the time.  On Craigslist I found a brand new (never used) over the range microwave.  It was $60…..what?!  That microwave was an amazing add to our kitchen.  See below:

DSCN0640A little bit ago – I noticed that there was something white dripping from the roof of the interior of the microwave.  I cleaned the inside and didn’t think anything of it…..until it happened again…..and then a HOLE appeared in the plastic looking through to the mechanics of the microwave.  ECK.

Decision made.  That thing is coming down.  I decided to take it down completely instead of replacing it, because it was really low.  There was not a lot of room for our larger pots on the back burners.  I liked the over the range convience of the microwave we had……but I am thinking of adding a built-in under our middle pass-thru.

DSCN1527I know I (Dave) could tie into the electricity in the back of the shelf on the left side of this picture with a new microwave…..but I am getting ahead of myself and giving Dave tons of work.  Dave and I already have a plan for re-doing the middle area of this kitchen.  We want to make this an island instead of keeping it as a pass thru.  That plan is at least 1 year away and at most 5 years.

For the time being I am keeping an older microwave on our counter.  It will do for now.

IMG_1989I am excited to pick out a new range hood.  Maybe this?  It will be very basic and something that mounts under our cabinets as I do not want to lose the cabinet space. One thing that annoys me to no end is the mis-matched levels on the cabinets on this side of the kitchen.  When we lifted the cabinets we left these alone….because if I would have moved those to the ceiling as well…..there would be no way to use the over the range microwave (too tall).  With the microwave down….eck.  Check back later to see if I can convince Dave to move these as well.

IMG_1984As I live with a smaller microwave on the other side of our kitchen…I am sure that I will be moving a few things around (the black toaster oven???!!!) to make the placement a bit more functional.


Organization – shoot me now

I like things organized, I like being able to go to a drawer or a bookshelf and finding exactly what I am looking for.  The thing I don’t like is keeping up on it, harping encouraging the girls and Dave to put things where they belong.  The one thing that I will not budge on is making beds… bed is made EVERY morning before I leave the house and the girls are getting better at making their beds each morning as well.  On the other side of the coin (in the bedroom) I do not keep my closet up very well.

A little while ago I ran across a Pin on Pinterest about keeping items in your closet limited.  Unfortunately – it was a late night stroll through Pinterest so I apparently did not Pin the idea…nor do I remember where it came from.  DANG IT!  How crazy is it that I am posting about organizing and I wasn’t organized (or awake enough) to keep track of what inspired me to dive face first into getting AND KEEPING my closet under control.  Seriously, shoot me now.

I started by picking the same hangers for my entire closet….I had a mixture of white and black so I kept all the black.  These are my favorite:

Then I started emptying my closet – changing out the hangers to the ones I picked.

IMG_0117I left Dave’s clothes (on the right-starting after the dress and going all the way behind the wall) alone for the most part.  If I haven’t worn an article of clothing in a year, it went into the hold box.  I decided on a hold box to ensure that I don’t end up with purge regret.  I will keep the box in storage for roughly 3 to 6 months and if I do not go digging in it – the box will go to a clothes swap or be a donation.

closetThis is the end result….I only used 33 hangers…..but the majority of those are getting used for my cardigans.  I have A LOT  of cardigans….and I kind of feel like I cheated as all my tanks are in the drawers next to Dave’s work shirts.

I can do a little more work in making the My side/Dave side even….by switching the shoe cubbies and switching the drawers around.

I will be on the look out for a new set of baskets for the swim suits.  Dave and mine are in the top fabric container and the girls’ are in the bottom.  I used those containers….because I had them and those are the best kind when trying out a new system.

So here is the completed closet……I set a reminder on my calendar and in 3 months, I’ll give a sneak peek at how I am doing with the 33 hangers, and baskets.

IMG_0128What do you think?  Could you do it?


Spring cleaning and a rug

My white board full of stuff to do.…is all outdoor stuff so I needed to re-group and find another project….

DSCN1706All my projects outside…need nice weather.  Oh Well.  Another day.

So it looks like Spring Cleaning has begun at my house. I moved all of the furniture from the living room to the hall so that I could give the floor a good scrub down.

DSCN1707Yeah….fun times.  You know you are SOOOOO jealous.

Since I had everything out of the living room – I thought that today would be a great day to re-introduce a cowhide rug to our lives.  It took many moons for me to find the right cowhide for the house.   I had seen one in a model house as a bedroom rug and that inspired my search.  I purchased this one last year and it lived on the floor for a month.   My kitty took a disliking to it, so I had to put it away.  Since my kitty has since passed, the rug can come out of hiding.

DSCN1717Hello beautiful……yeah.  The orientation of the rug will change over time, as I love the rug…..just not how it is sitting in the room at the moment….but for now I am just living it with.  I will need to do a little bit of work on the creases that appeared during storage.   See this link for what was suggested.

Have any of you had to put something away or sell it because an animal has ‘disliked’ it….or peed on it….or scratched the crap out of it???

Messy Mess in the Office

There comes a time in a girls life when she should be able to keep the office door open when guests come over, you know?  For as many years as we have had an office, the door always needed to be shut when people come over.  Why?  Cause it is a dumping ground.  I did not get a before pic, which is unfortunate, but I do have the shot of all of the stuff that we took out in order to remove the carpet. photo-26

In January, Dave and I emptied the room and replaced the carpet with new flooring.  What a difference that made, with just the brightness of the room.  It did not feel so small….oh, maybe that is because all the crap wasn’t in there.  It took a week or so to sort through all of the boxes and other miscellaneous items in my living room……but this is what made it back in.


Those 2 boxes on the floor are my current non-house projects – ah dammit – the one on the right is a house project.  The right box holds all my frames and smaller prints that I have been sorting through.  I need to divide out into keeps and donates, I will also need to review what I have set aside for the bathroom and this room.  What I have up now are just randomly placed items on nails that were in the wall from when this was Jane’s nursery.  The box on the left holds some albums and pictures that I need to put in those albums.  Fun.

DSCN1582The closet still needs trim but otherwise this corner is holding some framed prints that I need to divide into keeps and donates, Jules and Jane’s painting board (goes on the floor when they paint), the craft dresser, and the boxes of bathroom vanities.  Bathroom vanities were purchased during the Denver trip.

DSCN1581This is book central.  I purchased the book shelves from an online garage sale Facebook page – so glad I found them.  I am planning on replacing the upright chair with the blanket and pillow with a more relaxed reading chair.

All in all – better than it was….but I still have some sorting to do.