Thursday Early Wrap up

This week has been intense after a hail storm hit us on Sunday.   We had a few hours prep time as we had a storm chaser friend warn us about the strength of the storm blowing in.

DSCN1759We put away all of the ‘fragile’ furniture and outdoor cushions, moved all the plants inside or under the eaves and then covered my tomatoes and peppers that were already planted.  ANNNNDDDDDD…………SUCCESS!!  Everything made it.  We had golf ball sized hail so there are other things that need attention.  I addressed the chipped paint on my NEWLY painted front porch, and it is looking mighty fine.

DSCN1749The front porch update will be completed once the new front door is installed and my ground cover for the garden is delivered.  Whew.

After I completed the outside paint touch-ups I moved the painting party inside.  I cleaned up the edges in the kitchen……



DSCN1769Lastly in the paint extravaganza….my stairs.   They needed a pick me up.



DSCN1771Well Peeps…… anticipation for Memorial Weekend I am leaving for vacation Friday morning……see you on the flip side.



Denver Purchases

So the Denver trip part that was a romantic getaway was a total bust….BUT the purchasing that went on was amazing.  I am just giving a peek at what I purchased….I will slowly but surely reveal where it is all going.   HAHAHAHA!!!  Who am I kidding.  I will let you know now!  The finalization of the projects is what is going to take an agonizingly long time.

Denver Purchases
Captain of Destruction is going to get her own room for Christmas….shhhhhh, it’s a surprise!  I scoped out Ikea online for weeks before my trip to Denver.  I wanted to make sure that I was prepared and ready for a whirlwind trip to the store.  Alas….all my planning went out the door the second I entered the parking garage.
Bed: Tarva
Pillow:  Gulort
Rug:  Ullgump
Mirrors:  Krabb
Bedding:  Stenklover
Chair:  Snille
Other additions will find their way to the final Christmas day reveal….but more to come on that!
Large vanity:  Godmorgon/Odensvik.  This will be in the hall bathroom.  Wish us luck on starting….and FINISHING that.  Instagram has my before pic.
Small vanity:  Lillangen.  This will be in the master (tiny) bathroom.  Once again….wish us luck on starting and finishing that.

Denver Trip

So mister and I took a break from the house and went down to meet my sister-in-law (SIL) in Denver.  The highlight of the trip???? A Broncos game.  So Fun!   Side benefit, mister and I would be by ourselves after the game in Denver for 3 extra days.  Awwww.  Yeah right!  Misters work got in the way and I had to meet him in Denver.  I drove down on Friday night and met my sister-in-law at the airport…..dropped her off at the hotel and went back to the airport for mister.  SIL was in charge of getting us a cheap downtown hotel room, which she fulfilled.  Unfortunately, it was little on the sketchy side….think stained floors, stained walls and taped off adjoining doors.  We checked out the next day and used misters travel points to score a sweet room.

Here is a pic of the view from our room:

IMG_1946Saturday was spent shopping, hanging out and eating.  Lunch was at Highland Tavern…Yum.

IMG_1945Sunday was Game Day!!!!!!

IMG_1974I really, really like NFL football and Sundays are pretty much my favorite day of the week just for that reason…..if only I could ignore Monday looming over my shoulder.  Anyhoo….Broncos won, which makes the live game that much sweeter.

Well – Monday rolled around, which meant that mister and SIL had to fly out leaving me behind.  Mister and I had planned on meeting up with a friends band that was touring through Denver, so I stayed in town to attend the concert and hit up Ikea.

Next Post….Ikea Purchases!!!!!  Yeah.  It’s an adult candyland, fantasyland, home improvement mecca….all rolled up into one.  I have also heard the following statement “They should film a Survivor episode in an Ikea”…..Yup…True!