Cabins and Lakes

We always knew that we would end up here.  Both Dave and I thought it would be closer to retirement, but we always kept an eye on the job openings…..and here we are 🙂  A large factor in our decision, is the proximity to the lake.  Dave and I are lake people.  He has had a dream of having a cabin on water since he was a kid.  I added that to my bucket list the first year he took me to Lake Metigoshe when I was 23.

I have posted about the lake before:

Our stay on the Canadian side

4th of July

So pretty and fun. The girls are looking forward to waking up next to the water during the summer months.


Pics of us getting settled into the cabin for the season.


Jules made sure we had flowers for the table.


Evening on the lake


And now I am off to prep for an extended Fourth of July Holiday.  Follow along on Instagram....



Happy 6th Birthday Janey

Oh Janey, we waited 3 years for you and just when we thought we would be a family of 3….you surprised us.  I am so happy that we are a family of 4.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

As opposed to Jules (click here), Janey was not an easy baby.  She was a challenge from the start (I’ll spare you the details and just give you the basics).  No naps, cried all the time and from 3 to 7 every day she scream/cried.  Rough.  She grew out of the fussy but she acquired a nickname that has stuck ever since.  THE. JANE.

look at that face  Janey is our sensitive kid – it doesn’t take much to discipline….a firm no will send her into tears.

Jane has grown up to be such a joy.  She loves to give mom and dad hugs and kisses.

Janey loves her animals and any other fluffy animal that crosses her path.  Harriet is only OK with that some of the time.  hahahahaha

Jane is shy and likes to play by herself but when she branches out, she can play with anyone.  Once you are her friend, she will be a loyal playmate.

Cat ears go with everything.


Happy Birthday Jane!  Mom and Dad love you bunches.

New Front Deck

The front of our house has gone through a few variations, with the below picture representing the most recent update.  With the railings gone, it became obvious that the warping and sagging were not fixable while keeping the deck as is.  Dave and I discussed many options for the front porch and settled on a simple replacement deck.

But first…demo.  Once we cut through the wood, the reason for the sagging became apparent.  The supports were sitting in the dirt.  No footings, no cement blocks, just dirt.  The wood had rotted away.

With the front deck, came the roof of the front porch.  I have never been comfortable with the placement…, can anyone say off-center from the door????   Plus, it was pulling away from the house.


We poured 6 cement footings for our 4×4’s –the last one was placed after the below pic.  And then it rained for days and we had to keep it covered and wait.

See that dirt?  Yeah, it really wanted to be in my driveway.

1 4×4, 11 2×8’s, countless patio construction nails, 17 deck boards, lag bolts, etc.  all in the name of building a sturdy deck.

My sis-in-law was here and helped Dave with the deck boards.  Thanks!

Almost done.  We have some fascia work, a new deck roof and some stain to do…..but so close!

We did not put stairs in.  There is a reason for that.  The retaining wall is going to be replaced this summer and the yard will more than likely look much different than it does now.  Dave and I have been talking about creating a more drought resistant, xeriscaped front yard.  With the change, a new walk up entrance will be made that takes our guests from the driveway to the front of the new porch.

Ahhh.  Love it.  Nice and smooth and stable.

Friday Wrap Up – Antiquing

This past weekend, I went Antiquing with my girls, a friend and my friends daughter.  What a good time.  I was also exhausted from the constant worry that one of the girls would spaz out 🙂 and break something.  Lucky me – no breakage.  I found some amazing things- see below for what made the cut and what didn’t

Metal baskets, too cute.  The colors would be prefect in my kitchen….but that wasn’t enough to make me pull the trigger.

What do you mean I am in the middle of a long process of decluttering?  Does that mean that these are out?  

This bucket is awesome!  but…problem.  I have absolutely no idea what I would do with it.  So I will have to pass, until I think of a purpose 🙂

Swoon.  I am seriously pondering these windows.  I am walking away from them for now….but still going to think about it.

Winner!!  I have been on the look out for a nice, substantial piece for the front of the house.  It’s taken years, but this one caught my eye and I decided to purchase it.

Do you want to see it on the house??

What do you think?  I dig it.


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