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OMG – its the final push to the end result.  As I stated last week, we had a sickness come over the whole family and we lost a whole weekend…which is devastating to our timeline since we only have Dave on weekends.  BUT!  we got our poop in a group and pushed to get the walls textured, and the ceiling slats up.

Working late.

ORC week5.2

Dave has really honed his skills in texturing.  I remember the first project we did with the texture gun….and it was …….interesting.  hahahahahaha   interesting in that you could have cut yourself on the wall with how deep the texture was put on.

But as you can see, it looks fantastic.

Our next issue was the type of lights to install.  Our clearance was quite small so Dave found these ultra slim LED lights.  I am so impressed with how low profile they are.

Seriously!!  Look at how thin they are.  It is a very easy install – a large hole drilled through our wood slats, wire it up and clip it in.

Dave really chose well on those lights.



Our roll up for week 6 will be delayed.  Dave was out of town, as usual – but this time he did not get a full weekend at home.  He was here for just over 24 hours, so our finish work will be happening after the Thursday deadline.  Sigh.  We were really hoping to make that 6 week deadline, but if it only takes us a few additional days to complete….I think I will call it a win.

Thanks for following along everyone!

You can check out all the other guest participants on the ORC website.
New posts go up every Thursday for 6 weeks.




Dave and I were down for the count for week 3’s work and we had no backup plan for falling behind.  Eck.  Dave’s time at home is limited to 1 or 2 days a week….so we will have to make some adjustments in order to keep ourselves on track.

ORC week 4

Luckily, I have been able to spend some time going through home decor boxes and our art to narrow down what we will be putting upstairs. I will have a source list but since I purchased as much as possible from local stores they will be similar and best matches for those items.

Two prints were instant downloads from Etsy that Jules has had since MT. She loves them.

We purchased their bedding from our local Walmart. Very affordable and matches what the girls asked for.

Pink and Teal throws!!


In construction news here is the bare bones of what we were able to accomplish….


More drywall

Surprise! It’s more drywall.

This next week is going to see us put the fire tape up, wood slats (or as popular TV has us saying……fake ship lap) and then I “get” to start painting.

Wish us luck!

Not much movement this time around.  Lots of cleanup in regards to all of the sawdust and debris….but little to no work when it came to construction.  Sickness prevailed and we were down for the count.


I DID get pics of Dave and Jules goofing off and trying to do a old fashioned stoic pic.

Jules can’t keep a straight face. Hahahahaha  And there you have it. The total extent of the construction work for now.

One Room Challenge Week 3 Attic Bedroom

AND!! I am about 5 days late in posting. Lol- that’s life.

All the work that has been completed is the unattractive stuff.  LOL.  Unattractive but necessary.

The base of the room is getting done.

That super fun stuff is getting completed by Dave.  hahahahaha  I have been playing around with the footprint to ensure that we can get a bathroom up here eventually.  When we bought the house, there were plumbing lines roughed in to this area….right next to the stairs.  After some exploration we realized that they cut(!!!!!!!) the floor joists to put those roughed lines in.  seriously, people.  I love DIY – but I love educated DIY.  Dave and I sistered new joists in and took out the roughed in lines so we could start from scratch…..the right way.

In the below layout I put the bathroom back next to the stairs to see how to would work out with lines and layout.

Attic Bedroom Overhead view2.png

In my previous two plans – 1.  I had the bathroom in this space, but way smaller.  2.  I had the bathroom in the center of room on the north side (where the desk with the purple chair is below).

I have them mapped out on the floor in marker at the moment and will choose one by the end of next week when we have to start with the Sheetrock.

Attic Bedroom overhead view

The bathroom finishes won’t stop us from finishing the bedroom part of the upstairs.  I am still working with this inspo board.

One Room Challenge Week 1 Attic Bedroom

The girls OK’d their choices and we are moving forward!

One Room Challenge Week 2 Attic Bedroom

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