World Map project – new art

I created a new piece for me, and it is awesome.  If you did not already know, I have a thing for maps.  (As seen Here  and explained Here)  I was looking for a way to put together a world map piece and stumbled upon this etsy ad.  I am really glad that I found it, as it made my piece super easy to do.


This piece is going above the cabinets that I have in the living room – so I had Dave cut a piece of wood to match the top that we did for the cabinets.  I prepped by sanding and rounding the edges.  I then measured out my placement and started painting.


I used the same Valspar white that I have on my trim and other accents throughout the house.


I got my poly on, with a light sanding in between coats.

and Viola………..


So pretty – IMG_2780

Last thoughts:  ignore the TV (it’s football season!! I gotta have it out here)  and the shadows…it has been overcast the past few days and I didn’t want to wait for pics.

I have a ton of ideas on more map projects, but I will use my projector for those as I will not be able to use the stencil again.  sad face.

New Painting: Town on the Water

New Arty Art!  I am so pleased with Town on the Water.


There is something about the feeling I get when I look at this – it reminds me of our time in Croatia.  Dave and I had traveled over for a wedding and we were able to see some amazing places.  I definitely did not start out with this in mind – but it just evolved on me.  Love that!

Croatia was an amazing trip…..if it is not on your list of places to see before you die.  ADD IT.   I will do a post at a later date of the awesomeness that is Croatia…but for now, just know that you should go sooner, rather than later.

Anywho – this painting has a special place in my heart…visit my esty shop for more.

Jane turns 4

Jane’s birthday party was over the weekend and here are a few highlights from the prep to the party.

I started with the invites as those would be my jumping off point for ideas.  I used a graphic design program and came up with invite below.  A quick upload to Walmart Photo Shop online and I had invites in no time.

IMG_2454 Now for the stuffs.  Jane’s pirate outfit included a stripped shirt, a red tutu, pirate hat and pirate necklace.  The kids (and adults) all got eye patches and pirate hats.  The princess wands were available for those that wanted them.

Jane's Pirate Princess Birthday


 IMG_2470We had a tattoo and sunscreen station 🙂 , a small pool for the littles and a larger pool for the bigs.
IMG_2476IMG_2482Jane enjoyed herself immensely in both.
 IMG_2501A little pinata action.
Happy Birthday Miss Jane!  Mom and Dad love you.

Jules’ Room Reveal

Earlier this month I was thinking that Jules’ room was done…..when I was taking the pics of the room – I realized I have some work to do with the interior wall.  (and the mirrors that I have above her desk – but that’s different)

As a reminder – Jules and Jane shared a room until Christmas time.  Click here.

IMG_2364I purchased a few things from Ikea for her room.

Above the square mirrors, I had a series of adhesive circle mirrors in a flowy pattern.  Unfortunately, the adhesive did not work well with the texture on the wall Jules’ room.  I have another set to put up, but I am looking for another adhesive.  I have used the Command picture tabs in the past…and think that is going to be my go-to.


IMG_2407Kermit is from Dave’s childhood and has been passed down to Jules.

IMG_2368Straight across from the bed is the closet.

IMG_2366We are working on putting clothes away.  She is getting pretty good – when I remind her  🙂

Here is where I need to really re-think.  Dave hung the family pictures up for Jules and then I came along with the other 2….and just hung them up…..YEAH…I just hung them up without thinking it through.  I am so p-o’d at myself.  The drywall is brand new in that room and I just willy nilly put 2 holes in it.  Remember my pile of pictures to go through from the office?  Click here.

IMG_2372I have a few pictures from my arty art past that are going to be added to this wall to finish it out.





Teacher appreciation gift

Teacher Appreciation – End of Year gift for a male teacher……who knew it would stretch my brain.  Jules has had female teachers in the past and all of my Go-To gift ideas are all geared towards girls… I had to get creative.  Our Christmas gift to Mr B was very light on imagination, so I was determined to do it right since Jules had a blast in Mr B’s classroom this year.

When you google male teacher appreciation gift, you get a lot of ideas…..but none of them quite what I was looking for.  In my search I came across a printed picture of a tree with printed fingerprints as the leaves and the teachers name at the bottom.  Soooooo riffing off of that I merged that idea with a family tree.

IMG_0090To start my tree – I started with straight up black acrylic paint.

IMG_0093And to fill in the names on the branches, leaves and school year – I used .3mm fine point marker pens.

IMG_0094Kinda girlie but still better than some of my other ideas.  I did something creative and by throwing in some guy stuff like a gift card to iTunes, Amazon, anything BBQ related……Mr B gets something useful and I get to use some creativity.  Win, Win!!

Messy Mess in the Office

There comes a time in a girls life when she should be able to keep the office door open when guests come over, you know?  For as many years as we have had an office, the door always needed to be shut when people come over.  Why?  Cause it is a dumping ground.  I did not get a before pic, which is unfortunate, but I do have the shot of all of the stuff that we took out in order to remove the carpet. photo-26

In January, Dave and I emptied the room and replaced the carpet with new flooring.  What a difference that made, with just the brightness of the room.  It did not feel so small….oh, maybe that is because all the crap wasn’t in there.  It took a week or so to sort through all of the boxes and other miscellaneous items in my living room……but this is what made it back in.


Those 2 boxes on the floor are my current non-house projects – ah dammit – the one on the right is a house project.  The right box holds all my frames and smaller prints that I have been sorting through.  I need to divide out into keeps and donates, I will also need to review what I have set aside for the bathroom and this room.  What I have up now are just randomly placed items on nails that were in the wall from when this was Jane’s nursery.  The box on the left holds some albums and pictures that I need to put in those albums.  Fun.

DSCN1582The closet still needs trim but otherwise this corner is holding some framed prints that I need to divide into keeps and donates, Jules and Jane’s painting board (goes on the floor when they paint), the craft dresser, and the boxes of bathroom vanities.  Bathroom vanities were purchased during the Denver trip.

DSCN1581This is book central.  I purchased the book shelves from an online garage sale Facebook page – so glad I found them.  I am planning on replacing the upright chair with the blanket and pillow with a more relaxed reading chair.

All in all – better than it was….but I still have some sorting to do.



New Arty Abstract

New Arty Abstract….reminds me of Night Rain

I’m on the nightrain
Bottoms up
I’m on the nightrain
Fill my cup
I’m on the nightrain
Ready to crash and burn……

CRAP…Wrong Night Rain (sorry Axl).  Here is the right Night Rain.

DSCN1575Black, Silver, White, Grey, Silver, Pearl, tealy green and a wonderful iridescent peacock teal.

DSCN1576That sparkly teal really does it for me.  🙂

DSCN1577And as a final shot….here is a preview of what I am working on now…..Oh wait!!!  There are 2 hints in this one pic….