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remodeling and other family adventures

So I got around to naming our new house….Little Grey or Little Grey Cape…cause she’s little, she’s grey and she’s a cape cod style house.  Super original, I know.  Anyhoo, we are just wrapping up the big ticket items on our main floor bathroom remodel.  Yahoo!!!! Before: look at that wallpaper!  I tried to salvage …

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After long last the upstairs bathroom is done.  Yahoo!! Recap: 2013 planning 2013 purchases Here is where I really decided on blue- 2014 interior closet paint (I love my blue) inspiration shots January 2017 Whew. First photo of the bathroom for this blog.  ehh. And here we go – to start with – the tile!  sigh.  …

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At this time last year (2016!!) I posted our plans for the year.  We were pretty successful, which I can truly say…I am surprised about that. Here is the list as described on Jan 4th of last year:   Master Bathroom – started   Guest Bathroom – vanity purchased   Downstairs bathroom   Front porch …

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I always like reading the graffiti in public toilet stalls…secretly of course…cause writing on stalls is not kosher.   There is usually something that makes me laugh.  I was thinking that I should create something for my bathroom that would give me the same ha-ha laugh.  Without the graffiti guilt. I took a piece of flat …

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Have you ever gotten to the point where you have so many projects in process that the list of items to complete is so long you think that it is something like “The Nothing”?. Well – I am to that point…….my Nothing is so overwhelming I have no idea where to start.  Let’s start with …

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So I’ve got this bathroom that needs some lovin’, some nice good lovin’.   It is pretty basic and uninspiring.  This bathroom is in need of a re-do.  I can attribute this need to Captain and First Officer of Destruction.   Here is a quick peak of the bathroom……. Lights off at the moment.  The toilet and …

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