The NeverEnding………….. list

Have you ever gotten to the point where you have so many projects in process that the list of items to complete is so long you think that it is something like “The Nothing”?.

Well – I am to that point…….my Nothing is so overwhelming I have no idea where to start.  Let’s start with a list and maybe Bastian will come through for me.

1, 2 and 3.  Remember Denver Trip?  That trip has provided me with 2 bathrooms to finish and a Jules’ room to tweak.  Captain of Destruction received a new room for Christmas and I have some finishing touches to add into the room.  Here is a sneak peek:

DSCN12944.  I purchased a new bed for Jane and it came in the mail today!  First Officer of Destruction needed a new bed because the bunk bed was a tad on the broken side.  Here is a before pic from when mister and I redid their floors…

DSCN07395.  Doors for the top floor hallway.  Ever since the water incident the doors have been on my mind.  I have them…..they are waiting for me….they want to be placed in their respective frames and be awesome.

DSCN12956.  My bedroom……I purchased some amazing things and I need to get them in the room.  Click here…

7.  Fix the back patio.….and add in the raised gardens in the grassy area between the patio and the fence.

8.  Put the finishing touches on the playhouse.

DSCN12069.  Plumb in the downstairs toilet and just give that bathroom a good cleaning.

10.  and items that we were planning on doing in 2014 but looking at the list above….not sure how that’s going to work for us………..Side yard shop, front yard garden, front gravel parking, garage turned into game room, new cement pad in the front (that would keep water from creating a duck pond in my driveway) and, and, and……

Well – wish us luck.  All of these seem daunting but I am super excited for the outcomes of each….and as Bastian found…..imagination is everything.  Did you forget I am a nerd????

Bedroom upfit

I have not done anything new for the decor in the bedroom for a really long time….then came the West Elm catalog.  Hello, baby.

DSCN1291As a jumping off point for the bedroom upfit I purchased the following…….


I can’t wait to incorporate these into my bedroom!  Here is a CLEAN before picture:
DSCN1288Nice….but it needs a little something, right?  Adding in those coral-y red colored accents will add some interest.
Why, yes….that is a Star Wars TIE interceptor on my night stand….THANK YOU for noticing.  A very nice friend of mine made it for me with a 3D printer.  Yes, I am a nerd….get over it.
Here is a view going the other direction:
DSCN1290Somethings I need to consider while considering this upfit:
1.  New Laundry basket.  I am partial to this one from West Elm
2.  Re-think the verbiage on the Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me.  It was our wedding song and I have had it up for a rea…lll…yyyy long time
3.  Overhead light update.  If you remember my Christmas list, there was this amazing light from eBay….to bad it sold for $450.00.  My goal is to find something reasonably priced that has the same feel to it as the eBay version.
4.  The doors to the bedroom and the closet.  To be fair the doors on the whole floor need to be updated to match the updates we did downstairs after the whole water affair.
5.  Last but not least….centering the World Art piece over the bed….
DSCN1289Ummmm…why is there a pink spot on my pillow????????????