Decluttering OR Living with Less – The Plan

Depending on who you follow on Pinterest…this could be a topic you have seen so many times you could puke.  Well…me too.  Until I came across this site and this article.

Now, over the past couple of years I have heard the terms downsizing, decluttering, small living, etc.  It sounds so freeing….for other people.  I never thought I would drink the Kool Aid.  A few articles that I was drawn into later and I realized that there are things in my house that I haven’t touched for months.  I decided to take a step and worked on my closet.

Here is my ‘After’:


Not gunna lie…..I let it get super messy again.  BUT I have not added to it, which is good.  I was able to get it cleaned up in 10 minutes which is a miracle and a testament to keeping only the things you wear.

So – I have decided to start working on each room in the house.  I hope to get through the whole house by mid October.  My plan is to do an initial run through that mimics this……  and then do a second round that is a more cut throat.



Friday Wrap Up – Vacation style

Here is a recap of the amazing vacation that we took over 4th of July this year.  We decided to rent a cabin on the Canadian side of Lake Metigoshe.

We crossed the border at Carbury, ND and traveled through the land of Manitoba to the north side of Lake Metigoshe.  The cabin is situated right where the C is.

Canada1Dave had the boat out on the lake for roughly 10 minutes….bringing it from the boat launch to the slip….when it blew a piston.  Sob.  Long….long….long….story short.  A very nice Canadian offered us his boat for the week and saved our vacation.

Here are some pics celebrating the awesomeness of vacation, kids, and 4th of July.

IMG_1786IMG_2197IMG_2219IMG_2229IMG_2268IMG_2256IMG_2287IMG_1774IMG_1762IMG_1738Summer is Awesome!

Ghetto backyard

I hate to show this….but I am going to anyway.  It’s the painful truth that anyone can see just by driving by my house……’s the ghetto-ness.  It’s not just the backyard!  I might have been able to hide that….but my backyard is super shallow so all of the ghetto has spilled over into the giant side yard that has no grass.  OK….here it is.


It hurts just to show it.  The two dog houses, the fence that has blown down (the wind out here sucks), the tumbleweeds, my neighbors shed, my kitchen rug hanging out for all to see…the list goes on and on…..and this is only one shot.  OK.  Snap out of it.  I gotta get a plan.  I need some motivation.  I need some moolah.


Further down in the side yard are two raised gardens….these will be removed/moved at some point to make room for a shop.  Below is a picture from just now.  I have been busy gettin’ my green on.  Makes it looks a little less ghetto, no?   Motivation?  I think so!


Plans:  This part of the deck is going to go bye-bye and in it’s place is going to be a paver or concrete patio with an outdoor built in BBQ and a built in lounger and, and, and……  I can’t wait!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could ‘poof’ it all into this…….(pic is courtesy of

flooring project…done??

So…not that long ago, mister and I tore out the carpet in the girls room.  Cause it was NAAAASSSTTYYYY.   I have a little bit of an update on the flooring.


Progress picture as we made our way across the room.  This was probably the fastest room install that we have done to date.


After we finished the flooring, we updated the trim to match what we are changing all over the house.  The new trim is very classic…..straight lines everywhere and 4 inches tall.  I still have quite a few paint touches up to do….and a new window to put into the room, but on the whole I am pleased with the result.


Next steps are to clean up the closet, cause we are not putting the doors back on.  Captain and First Officer of Destruction can wait until they are older to get closet doors again.  Please see the pic below and notice that there are some drawer pulls missing……when asked what happened Captain Destruction (otherwise known as Jules) stated that they fell off as she tried to scale the dresser to get to the top shelf of the closet.


Looking around their room….I see a lot of styling left to do…..but that is for another day.


Adding Green

I discovered some fabulous Etsy stores with terrariums…….I had to get some for my front window.



I received a box today with all of the fixin’s…..pea gravel, charcoal, soil, plants…you know, the good stuff.


I followed the directions and poof…I had awesomeness.


I am so happy that I found that store, they shipped quickly and I got them up in 10 minutes. Yeah!!!!!

p.s.  Do I have to add that I did NOT get paid for that???  I just found them, bought them, and LOVED them.

Last minute carpet project

Nothing like starting a project 1 hour before the girls go to bed.  Below is a picture of the carpet at the door of their room:


Check out the evidence of cat scratching…  No amount of cleaning could make it look even close to decent….so out it came.


Here is the floor.  Yucky.  Now what to do next??

Name plates for the girls

The door to the girls’ room felt pretty blah…so I decided to pump up the volume and make some name plates.

I started with a basic wooden oval purchased from Hobby Lobby..costing about 1.50 each.


I painted one black and one white and added the script in the opposite paint color.  I used the paint and ribbon from a previous project, so I cannot remember where I got them or how much they were when I purchased them.  I used a staple gun to attach the ribbon to the back.  Command picture frame hangers round out the supplies needed to hang on the door.


Success!!!  The girls love them.