Friday Wrap Up

This week has been a full one – quite a few little things going on (besides the removal of the microwave).   We removed the microwave instead of putting in my new front door….so I have to wait another week until that happens.

Here are a few highlights:

IMG_1975We had a Buck in velvet and his girlfriend wander through the neighborhood.

IMG_1978I found some bedding to use in Jane’s room…..on sale!!  If you remember – since Jules moved to her own room – Janey has been living with mis-matched everything.  Click here for the before.  I painted the ceiling and have been on the look out for some new bedding.  FOUND IT!  I am now playing around with the art and the throw on the bed.

IMG_1982I am officially calling it on the driveway….well as official as anything is around here.  It is awesome now….but I may have to do some tweaks after living with it for a bit 🙂

Dave put in a small retaining wall by the house to help with the drainage….he only had a few more bricks to put in when I snapped this pic…..but the hail made us pause.

IMG_0089That black drains leads to a perforated black hose that leads all the water away from the house….score.  Dave has since added in the remaining bricks and I filled it in with additional gravel.

IMG_0118….you can barely made out Jules being Vanna….but you get the drift.  Done.

Well – prep time for the weekend is commencing.  We are working on the boat and taking it out for a day trip to make sure all is good.  See you on the flip side, peeps!

Teacher appreciation gift

Teacher Appreciation – End of Year gift for a male teacher……who knew it would stretch my brain.  Jules has had female teachers in the past and all of my Go-To gift ideas are all geared towards girls… I had to get creative.  Our Christmas gift to Mr B was very light on imagination, so I was determined to do it right since Jules had a blast in Mr B’s classroom this year.

When you google male teacher appreciation gift, you get a lot of ideas…..but none of them quite what I was looking for.  In my search I came across a printed picture of a tree with printed fingerprints as the leaves and the teachers name at the bottom.  Soooooo riffing off of that I merged that idea with a family tree.

IMG_0090To start my tree – I started with straight up black acrylic paint.

IMG_0093And to fill in the names on the branches, leaves and school year – I used .3mm fine point marker pens.

IMG_0094Kinda girlie but still better than some of my other ideas.  I did something creative and by throwing in some guy stuff like a gift card to iTunes, Amazon, anything BBQ related……Mr B gets something useful and I get to use some creativity.  Win, Win!!

Check off the list (Hint: The Never Ending List)

Remember the Never Ending List?  Well, I have fabulous news….I get to check 2 things off the list!  #5 and #4.  LOVE IT.

#5 – Getting these doors finished and up on the hinges.

DSCN1295I love the wood doors in comparison to the cottage builder doors that have been up since we purchased the house.  Side Note – Captain and First Officer of Destruction really did a number on those doors and Dave had to do some reinforcing to make sure they did not fall off at every small child’s hand.  Wish us luck with these new ones.  Below is a pic that shows what the doors used to look like – forgive the focus:

nameplates1And here is a rough After picture:

DSCN1518So in love with the new doors. The white was very crisp, which I appreciated but I wanted the warmth from the wood

#4 on the Never Ending List.  As a reminder- I purchased a new bed for Jane and it is now put together and in her room.  Here is the before – when Jules and Jane shared the room.

DSCN0739And here is her new bed:

DSCN1522It is low to the ground and easy for her to get in and out of.  Jane will run full throttle into the room and throw herself onto the bed…..giggling the whole way.

The rest of the room is still in a state of flux.  Dave and I scraped the popcorn ceiling – so a paint job is in order.  The art work is the same and needs to be adjusted based on the new scale and placement of the furniture.

DSCN1524Another Side Note – I am in an online Photo 101 Class, so hopefully a noticeable improvement will be seen in the photos I post when I am done.  I need some serious help with how to work with shadows, windows, movement, umm……the whole shebang.  Fingers Crossed.

The NeverEnding………….. list

Have you ever gotten to the point where you have so many projects in process that the list of items to complete is so long you think that it is something like “The Nothing”?.

Well – I am to that point…….my Nothing is so overwhelming I have no idea where to start.  Let’s start with a list and maybe Bastian will come through for me.

1, 2 and 3.  Remember Denver Trip?  That trip has provided me with 2 bathrooms to finish and a Jules’ room to tweak.  Captain of Destruction received a new room for Christmas and I have some finishing touches to add into the room.  Here is a sneak peek:

DSCN12944.  I purchased a new bed for Jane and it came in the mail today!  First Officer of Destruction needed a new bed because the bunk bed was a tad on the broken side.  Here is a before pic from when mister and I redid their floors…

DSCN07395.  Doors for the top floor hallway.  Ever since the water incident the doors have been on my mind.  I have them…..they are waiting for me….they want to be placed in their respective frames and be awesome.

DSCN12956.  My bedroom……I purchased some amazing things and I need to get them in the room.  Click here…

7.  Fix the back patio.….and add in the raised gardens in the grassy area between the patio and the fence.

8.  Put the finishing touches on the playhouse.

DSCN12069.  Plumb in the downstairs toilet and just give that bathroom a good cleaning.

10.  and items that we were planning on doing in 2014 but looking at the list above….not sure how that’s going to work for us………..Side yard shop, front yard garden, front gravel parking, garage turned into game room, new cement pad in the front (that would keep water from creating a duck pond in my driveway) and, and, and……

Well – wish us luck.  All of these seem daunting but I am super excited for the outcomes of each….and as Bastian found…..imagination is everything.  Did you forget I am a nerd????

Creating a tradition

Holiday traditions….ever sat down and really thought about the ones you grew up with and how they influence you now?  Quite frankly I never gave it much thought, until the girls.  Mister and I were pretty all over the board with what we did activity wise for Thanksgiving and Christmas….but for a few exceptions we always go to my SIL’s house in North Dakota for Thanksgiving and she comes to our place for Christmas.  Mister and I decided that some Thanksgiving (activity) traditions need to be started for the girls…..something that will remind them of the yearly, wintery trek to NoDak.  My mom gave me a Rosette iron annnndddddd SIL (sister in law) and mister have one that comes from their grandma.  Me thinks this could be it!


SIL pulled out the trusty family recipe and went to work.   (if you want to adjust for vegan…use soymilk and Ener-G)

DSCN1255SIL and mister were in charge of the batter and the irons….


Captain Destructo had the sugar station.


Little Bit and I were the official taste testers.  I love my job.

DSCN1257This is Year 1 of 1….wish us luck in getting 2 of 2.


Our old shed has become something that does not work for mister and I in the capacity of shedness.  We picked out a new shed and the old has been converted into a playhouse for the girls.  It turned out to be be a lot of work.  Surprise, Surprise  🙂

We hooked up a chain around the base of the shed and dragged it across the yard…the neighbors got a kick out of us.


What a day….it took the majority of the day to move the shed around the house and up the hill to the other side of the house.


Awesome tracks through the grass.


Yup – we are super messy home improvers.  I picked out some white panels to put on the inside….try to keep it clean looking.


Mister built a platform and a ladder for the girls to use for climbing up.  Mister also put in a window!


Next up – finishing up the trim work, painting the floor and building a railing for the platform.

I cannot even tell you have excited I am to have this for the girls.  I know they are excited, but the fact that we had something that we could turn into a playhouse for them is beyond awesome.

New Girls’ Room Curtains

The curtains in the girls room were yucky.  Yup….yucky.  Who knew girls could be so gross and destructive  🙂


Here they are pretending to be Vanna’s.  The sheers are amazing…see below…..but as I said….they are sheers.


The curtain rod that I purchased to put up the sheers are cute.  I have a bunch of seeded glass accessories around the house, so these seemed like a good fit.


As I said previously….they are sheers…and I have two young girls….and the window faces North.  So I purchased a bamboo roman shade to put up.  It matches the ones that I have in my bedroom.


Wish me luck in getting it up successfully!  🙂  As a parting gift, please enjoy another picture of the girls showing off the curtains. (curtains are different lengths because I was testing which one I liked best…I picked the ones on the right)