Halloween Birthday Party – Done!!

Another one for the books.  Over the course of the night we had 30 people wandering around.  See this Post for my inspiration.  Jane was incredibly happy with her friends and the evening as a whole.  Here are some highlights:


Food prep – regular and mini cupcakes.  Frosted and un-frosted cookies.  Pizzas in the oven.

the happy crazy house Halloween party birthday

Harriet greeting the guests.

the happy crazy house Harriet


the happy crazy house I love Lucy and day of the dead

Creating a photo corner for the the guests

Papa and Grandma the Witch

the happy crazy house halloween

Bobbing for Apples

the happy crazy house bobbing for apples

The kids looked like they had a blast.  They did a Skull Toss for cookies, bobbed for apples and went ‘fishing’ for glow in the dark necklaces.  My favorite was the apple bobbing.  They got really into it and were very wet when I sent them home…..Sorry Parents!!

Hints on the Skull toss – the skulls below are all plastic and when we were setting up the games beforehand, it seemed like the bobbing for apples and fishing in the dark would not be enough….so out came a wide plastic Halloween Treat bowl.  Perfect in a pinch and super easy.  The kids really enjoyed it and played multiple times as the evening went on.

the happy crazy house halloween

As I stated in my inspiration post – the best part about this is that it was super easy to adjust all of the Halloween decor and morph it into  DIY Birthday/Halloween decor.  A little pumpkin spray paint to blend the themes together and we are in business.


Look at how cute they are.

The Happy crazy house halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Be safe.

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Something Different for Jane’s Birthday – Halloween Party

Jane’s Birthday is at the beginning of August and she has always been disappointed that she has been unable to invite her school friends to her party (timing or just plain getting a hold of people during the summer).  This year we postponed her party until after school had started.  Jane decided on a Halloween theme and I am busy gathering the items she has asked for.  Luckily since it is Halloween, I am just blending the Birthday decor and Halloween decor that I have saved over the years.

Halloween Birthday Party
 Dave and I have a few projects on deck that we were hoping to get done before her party….but that is not going to happen.  Dave’s work is going to extend through the weekend and well into next week.  I am thinking we will see him next Thursday or Friday.  Oh, Well.  I’ll get the house cleaned up and decorated.
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