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One Room Challenge:  Week 4 Attic Bedroom

One Room Challenge: Week 4 Attic Bedroom

Dave and I were down for the count for week 3’s work and we had no backup plan for falling behind.  Eck.  Dave’s time at home is limited to 1 or 2 days a week….so we will have to make some adjustments in order to […]

One Room Challenge:  Week 3 Attic Bedroom

One Room Challenge: Week 3 Attic Bedroom

Not much movement this time around.  Lots of cleanup in regards to all of the sawdust and debris….but little to no work when it came to construction.  Sickness prevailed and we were down for the count. I DID get pics of Dave and Jules goofing […]

Little Grey Cape’s Bathroom Remodel

Little Grey Cape’s Bathroom Remodel

So I got around to naming our new house….Little Grey or Little Grey Cape…cause she’s little, she’s grey and she’s a cape cod style house.  Super original, I know.  Anyhoo, we are just wrapping up the big ticket items on our main floor bathroom remodel.  Yahoo!!!!


look at that wallpaper!  I tried to salvage a piece so that I could frame it, but it mysteriously disappeared. 

First up – we replaced all of the windows inside the house (except the front 3, because they are HUGE and special order).  Our first inclination was not to do a full gut, but once we pulled the rotten pieces of drywall out, we just kept going.  I wanted to keep the retro vanity so badly, but it was damaged when we took it out.  🙁

The boards under the toilet and bathtub were not able to be salvaged so new boards were placed on that side of the bathroom.

A big decision for us was what type of material to use for our shower – we wanted to go full tile but quite frankly neither of us was interested in going full in on another bathroom right off the bat.  It sounds terrible but after redoing 3 bathrooms in our last house….we.are.tired of bathrooms.  lol.  So we did a shower insert and for what we want right now, its perfect.

Itsn’t it pretty??!!

I reused the bathroom mirror which is slightly larger than the vanity, but I have decided to deal with it so that I can have something from the original bathroom in place.

There is still trim work, bathroom accessories and the whole moving in thing left to do – but other than that – We have a fully functional bathroom and I am sooooo happy.


Light:  Design House

Shower Head:  Delta Windmere

Shower Kit:  Sterling Ensemble

Shower Door:  Sterling Finesse

Vanity:  Marrakech from Menards (discontinued)  Similar:  Paige,  Crawford and BurkeOdyssey

Mirror:  Vintage


New fixer upper for us

New fixer upper for us

So a thing happened- We bought a fixer.  Surprise!!  After we completely overhauled our last house, the last thing that I wanted when we moved to ND was another house that I would have to redo – only this one needs even more work than […]

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