Bedroom upfit: lighting

If you saw the picture update in the right column from Instagram…you would know that I purchased a light fixture.  I have been combing the internet for months, looking for the right fixture for our bedroom. My Christmas list had an awesome one picked out….but the price, NO!!!!!……..I put a self imposed $100 limit on myself, so that put all of my favorites out of reach.

Almena Flush Mount Ceiling Light – $550

Jonathan Adler Ceiling Light – $269

And those are just 2 of the options that I picked out.  Once I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to break my $100 limit, I made a few trips to the home improvement box stores looking for sales and deals……and came up short.  Until, I decided to look online at Lowe’s….why did it take me so long to look there?  No clue…..but it took me one glance to pick my light fixture out.

allen +roth for $99.98   OMG.  (see below….but ignore the popcorn ceiling)

DSCN1322I am so happy that I was able to find a fixture that I loved….and didn’t just deal with… the price range that I set out with.

DSCN1321What do you think?  Love, Hate?

Bedroom upfit: update

I’ve made baby step progress in the master bedroom.  If you remember, I purchased some awesomeness from West Elm and I have FINALLY added it to the room.  As a reminder here is a before:

DSCN1288Now don’t get all judgy and stuff with the after….the list for the master is long and this is only the first step.

DSCN1301I love that color. So wonderful….and Lillian agrees.  She thinks the pillows are amazing.  Colors make me smile, but it also influences how I am seeing the rest of the room.  Still on my list is the metal art above the bed (color of the border, placement), the other side of the room (wording, laundry basket), light fixture, etc, etc, etc…..

DSCN1290As it stands now, I am pleased with the added color and am looking forward to updating the rest of the room.