Last weekend of camping 2014

We went on our last official camping weekend and here are a few of the highlights…..with some great shots of father/daughter time.

The Setting:IMG_2708

Father Daughter time:


Learning how to skip rocks:



Papa taking the girls for a ride:


Good-bye Summer


Labor Day

We were able to get away as a family this Labor Day….so get ready for the plethora of pictures.  Sad story, I was in such a hurry to get out of town and drive the many hours to our camp spot…..that I forgot my camera battery that I was charging on my kitchen counter.  So all of these are iPhone pics.






New Painting: Town on the Water

New Arty Art!  I am so pleased with Town on the Water.


There is something about the feeling I get when I look at this – it reminds me of our time in Croatia.  Dave and I had traveled over for a wedding and we were able to see some amazing places.  I definitely did not start out with this in mind – but it just evolved on me.  Love that!

Croatia was an amazing trip…..if it is not on your list of places to see before you die.  ADD IT.   I will do a post at a later date of the awesomeness that is Croatia…but for now, just know that you should go sooner, rather than later.

Anywho – this painting has a special place in my heart…visit my esty shop for more.

Friday Wrap Up – Vacation style

Here is a recap of the amazing vacation that we took over 4th of July this year.  We decided to rent a cabin on the Canadian side of Lake Metigoshe.

We crossed the border at Carbury, ND and traveled through the land of Manitoba to the north side of Lake Metigoshe.  The cabin is situated right where the C is.

Canada1Dave had the boat out on the lake for roughly 10 minutes….bringing it from the boat launch to the slip….when it blew a piston.  Sob.  Long….long….long….story short.  A very nice Canadian offered us his boat for the week and saved our vacation.

Here are some pics celebrating the awesomeness of vacation, kids, and 4th of July.

IMG_1786IMG_2197IMG_2219IMG_2229IMG_2268IMG_2256IMG_2287IMG_1774IMG_1762IMG_1738Summer is Awesome!

Creating a tradition

Holiday traditions….ever sat down and really thought about the ones you grew up with and how they influence you now?  Quite frankly I never gave it much thought, until the girls.  Mister and I were pretty all over the board with what we did activity wise for Thanksgiving and Christmas….but for a few exceptions we always go to my SIL’s house in North Dakota for Thanksgiving and she comes to our place for Christmas.  Mister and I decided that some Thanksgiving (activity) traditions need to be started for the girls…..something that will remind them of the yearly, wintery trek to NoDak.  My mom gave me a Rosette iron annnndddddd SIL (sister in law) and mister have one that comes from their grandma.  Me thinks this could be it!


SIL pulled out the trusty family recipe and went to work.   (if you want to adjust for vegan…use soymilk and Ener-G)

DSCN1255SIL and mister were in charge of the batter and the irons….


Captain Destructo had the sugar station.


Little Bit and I were the official taste testers.  I love my job.

DSCN1257This is Year 1 of 1….wish us luck in getting 2 of 2.

Denver Trip

So mister and I took a break from the house and went down to meet my sister-in-law (SIL) in Denver.  The highlight of the trip???? A Broncos game.  So Fun!   Side benefit, mister and I would be by ourselves after the game in Denver for 3 extra days.  Awwww.  Yeah right!  Misters work got in the way and I had to meet him in Denver.  I drove down on Friday night and met my sister-in-law at the airport…..dropped her off at the hotel and went back to the airport for mister.  SIL was in charge of getting us a cheap downtown hotel room, which she fulfilled.  Unfortunately, it was little on the sketchy side….think stained floors, stained walls and taped off adjoining doors.  We checked out the next day and used misters travel points to score a sweet room.

Here is a pic of the view from our room:

IMG_1946Saturday was spent shopping, hanging out and eating.  Lunch was at Highland Tavern…Yum.

IMG_1945Sunday was Game Day!!!!!!

IMG_1974I really, really like NFL football and Sundays are pretty much my favorite day of the week just for that reason…..if only I could ignore Monday looming over my shoulder.  Anyhoo….Broncos won, which makes the live game that much sweeter.

Well – Monday rolled around, which meant that mister and SIL had to fly out leaving me behind.  Mister and I had planned on meeting up with a friends band that was touring through Denver, so I stayed in town to attend the concert and hit up Ikea.

Next Post….Ikea Purchases!!!!!  Yeah.  It’s an adult candyland, fantasyland, home improvement mecca….all rolled up into one.  I have also heard the following statement “They should film a Survivor episode in an Ikea”…..Yup…True!

water water water water…frustration…getting over it

A week ago we left for a long lake vacation.  It was amazing….and will be another post.  But upon our return, there was a storm…a big storm. The result was debris all over the yard….


Water and dirt in the house….which meant we needed to empty the basement and take out the flooring and drywall…..


Remember Mailbox Garden??.…well this is what it looks like now…… After my super sweet neighbor started working on getting us both mailboxes back up, after gathering the blocks from where they landed in the borrow pit down the road…AND AFTER the county re-graded the road.




I refuse to give in and be depressed or super cry-e (that’s a word, I promise).  Mister and I are hard working and handy….ok, ok, mister more than me.  But we will get this straightened up and looking decent again.