More Montana

In a last-ditch effort to cram as much outdoor and camping time in as I can before the end of September, I have scheduled myself so busy that I will not be able to pee unless I check the calendar.  Exception being the dance camp that Captain of Destruction is in this week… means that she will be dancing at Montana Fair this weekend.  So although I will be scheduled/busy, I will not be camping.

During the last outing, we went about 2 hours outside of town and experienced a great locale.  It was beautiful and quiet.


The river was clear and the sky was so bright I could barely see the blue.


I spent all day Saturday parked in a camp chair next to the river….watching everyone fish and the girls playing in the water.


A storm rolled in on Saturday night…but it stayed over the Mountains next door.  Pretty sweet.


What’s your favorite summer hangout or activity?

Summer Extravaganza or lack there-of

So my posts are few but the summer fun is many….yeah, that makes no sense but go with it.  I must say that I feel as though summer is slipping away from me.  August is tomorrow!!!!  Mister and I had grand home improvement plans at the beginning of the summer.

1.  Ghetto backyard needs an update.  This includes a concrete patio, new back fence (to replace the blown down one) and updated fire pit.

2.  WIndows for the front rooms (includes the girls room)….and make sure that all the trim in cleaned up, etc, etc.

3.  Replace the carpet in the spare room… pic or link for that!

4.  Move the raised gardens from one side of the house to the other.

5.  Prepare the side yard for a concrete parking pad.

etc, etc, etc, etc

It took awhile for summer to get to Montana so as soon as it started getting nice, mister and I threw our to do list out the window.  What we did not count on, was getting in too deep with other peoples plans.  We have only been camping TWICE!!!!  I want to share some awesome pics of those camping trips and I hope you enjoy.


North Dakota field


North Dakota lake



…..and to say goodnight (or good morning) here is a nice kid shot.