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I went in to a few gift shops in my small town and found the most gorgeous trees on display for Christmas and I had to get some stuff to recreate them at my house.

For those of you that cannot come and visit my town, I have rounded up a few things that you could pick up if you are as inspired as I am from these trees.

**I asked if I could have this whole thing wrapped up and delivered to my house   hahahahaha 

So Pretty.

White Decorations

More White Decorations

Fuzzy Tree Rug

Christmas Ornaments (baby blue)

White poinsettia Christmas tree ornaments

In previous years – my Christmas displays have been over the top, minimalist and all the places in between.


the happy crazy house christmas


Christmas Decor - the happy crazy house


over done Christmas - the happy crazy house

Whew – 2014 was a doozy.  Christmas pretty much on every surface.

Let’s see how Christmas turns out in our new house.  Here are some in progress tree decorating pics… can see Clementine and Thorin under the tree, staring at all the shiny temptations.

the happy crazy house christmas

**side note:  I have narrowed down my couch fabric to one of the 2 swatches on my coffee table.

the happy crazy house christmas

Taking a break from decorating and just enjoying the view.

What a wild ride this has been…..but we did it!  A whole bedroom built from the studs up.  The bathroom and closet are ripe for the Spring ORC….don’t you think??   AHHHH  totally getting ahead of myself.  Anywho, here we go.

Attic Bedroom overhead view

The original vision.  We stayed very close to this….the main switcharoo was the knit blankets to fuzzy blankets.

One Room Challenge Week 1 Attic Bedroom

I am not even sure that I can share exactly how excited the girls were to get this done.  We have been talking about this since we purchase the house last spring.  Let’s take a looksy on where we came from:

Looking back, I can’t even believe this was only 6 weeks ago!

Shiplap?  Wood Slats?  Whatever you want to call it – we have it and I love it.

And here we go……..drum roll……

Jules and Jane’s Attic Bedroom

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Goofing off in their new space.

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Jane’s spot

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Jules’ spot

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Loungey lounge

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

So pumped to be done with this!!

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

I purchased as much as I could from local stores and so if it says similar, it is because I found them at a store you need to come to ND to shop at.  I also pulled from other rooms in our home and from items I was holding onto from our home in MT.

Source List

Lights:  Slim Profile LED Lights – Similar

Art:  Alice in Wonderland PrintPsalm PrintMiss Moon was a Dog Governess

Bean Bags:  Pink,   Teal

Bedding: Pink – Similar, Teal – SimilarSeersucker Bedding

Pillows:  Teal Sequin – Similar,   Pink Sequin – Similar

Lamp:  Organizer Lamp,   Crystal Lamp

Beds:  Quick Lock frame (so easy!!!!)

You can check out all the other guest participants on the ORC website.



OMG – its the final push to the end result.  As I stated last week, we had a sickness come over the whole family and we lost a whole weekend…which is devastating to our timeline since we only have Dave on weekends.  BUT!  we got our poop in a group and pushed to get the walls textured, and the ceiling slats up.

Working late.

ORC week5.2

Dave has really honed his skills in texturing.  I remember the first project we did with the texture gun….and it was …….interesting.  hahahahahaha   interesting in that you could have cut yourself on the wall with how deep the texture was put on.

But as you can see, it looks fantastic.

Our next issue was the type of lights to install.  Our clearance was quite small so Dave found these ultra slim LED lights.  I am so impressed with how low profile they are.

Seriously!!  Look at how thin they are.  It is a very easy install – a large hole drilled through our wood slats, wire it up and clip it in.

Dave really chose well on those lights.



Our roll up for week 6 will be delayed.  Dave was out of town, as usual – but this time he did not get a full weekend at home.  He was here for just over 24 hours, so our finish work will be happening after the Thursday deadline.  Sigh.  We were really hoping to make that 6 week deadline, but if it only takes us a few additional days to complete….I think I will call it a win.

Thanks for following along everyone!

You can check out all the other guest participants on the ORC website.
New posts go up every Thursday for 6 weeks.



Dave and I were down for the count for week 3’s work and we had no backup plan for falling behind.  Eck.  Dave’s time at home is limited to 1 or 2 days a week….so we will have to make some adjustments in order to keep ourselves on track.

ORC week 4

Luckily, I have been able to spend some time going through home decor boxes and our art to narrow down what we will be putting upstairs. I will have a source list but since I purchased as much as possible from local stores they will be similar and best matches for those items.

Two prints were instant downloads from Etsy that Jules has had since MT. She loves them.

We purchased their bedding from our local Walmart. Very affordable and matches what the girls asked for.

Pink and Teal throws!!


In construction news here is the bare bones of what we were able to accomplish….


More drywall

Surprise! It’s more drywall.

This next week is going to see us put the fire tape up, wood slats (or as popular TV has us saying……fake ship lap) and then I “get” to start painting.

Wish us luck!

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