Caprese Salad- Summer Favorite

It’s the end of summer …sad face… even more of a sad face is what the storm did to my tomato plants.  Since I do not have any left….my mom and some people from work have been feeding my tomato addiction.  THANK YOU!!!!

As an end of the summer farewell…I try to make caprese salad as often as possible….so during the past few weeks, that means almost every night.  My version of the tomato salad comes with mint.  I adore the mint in the salad…if I have both basil and mint, I put both in.  But I prefer the mint taste.


I know that I am not the first person to put mint in this salad….but dang it….I am doing my part to spread the word of this awesome variation!!!!


My mouth is watering just looking at this!


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