Weekend Randomness on our Projects

Dave and I were able to put our mark on a few things this weekend.  Nothing all the way completed but progress made, at least.

1.  Spray paint extravaganza.  I went a little crazy with the spray paint.

thehappycrazyhouse_spray_paintI started with little pumpkins…..

IMG_2870and then I decided to update a piece from my bedroom

DSCN1290see that mirror on the wall…..well – I took it down and did this……

IMG_2867and then this…..

IMG_2868it’s a sickness, I know.  I cannot leave anything alone.  Poor Dave, he never knows when things will be moved, changed, or gone.

This is one of the things that isn’t done yet.

Dave also helped me put up an Ikea storage unit to help corral my art supplies.  (Ikea Hemnes shoe storage)

IMG_2858Can you see the coffee can that I spray painted?  That happened….and the knobs…the knobs got sprayed as well. 

My craft area is in the office and at times this room can get out of control.  A few months ago I really went through this room and cleaned it up.  When I put this Ikea cabinet in, I took advantage of the opportunity to do some more decluttering.  (I started in this post and have been working on it room by room)

decluttermake it a party and hopefully it won’t hurt so bad!

2.  Dave lifted our shed.  Last weekend I put a coat of paint on it and that spurred Dave into getting some cement blocks under it.

IMG_2872As you can see…it is level but not done.  We need to build a ramp and put up a barrier to keep small animals and KIDS away from underneath.  Dave did a great job getting the supports under and I am so happy to cross that part off our list.

3.  and then there is the demo in the master bathroom

IMG_2812So I guess this means that I had better get my plans finalized.  AHHH!

Here is my jumping off point.

Bathroom Ideas


Although, I am thinking of these for the wall from tileshop.com.  They look amazing, No?

Busy weekend and lots more to do.

Using a paint sprayer for your paint jobs

So when Dave and I moved our old shed to the other side of the yard to use as a playhouse, we purchased a new one to replace it.  Timing was not ideal as the weather turned and we were unable to get a coat of paint on it.  I was working in the yard over the weekend and realized that if I didn’t get my poop in a group….winter would be here and the shed would have no paint job….again

Let me tell you….I was not enthused to paint this thing.  So I decided to invest in a sprayer..  a Wagner Flexio 590….Spoiler……life saver!!!!

Here is a before shot, from when we were working on expanding our parking area.  The shed sticks out like a sore thumb with no paint.

thehappycrazyhouse-before-wagner-paint-sprayerI set aside a few hours on a nice day and got to work.  Here is a pic of my fab new toy

thehappycrazyhouse-wagnerflexio590 Now to warn you…..there was a nice practice sheet to work on before working on the real deal….but I figured that I had a giant wall with no windows to worry about…so I could practice on my shed.  It took me a few passes to really get the hang of it.  You can see in the pic the first quarter of the wall was quite thin, but I got better and better as I went.

thehappycrazyhouse-wagnerflexio590and better and better.  I kept time on 2 sides that I painted….so 20 minutes using the sprayer, including my learning curve.  I had additional work to do cutting in with a paint brush around the door.  So all in with painting and clean up time, it just under an hour.  Amaze-balls!!!  I was seriously concerned about the clean up on the sprayer but it was super easy.

thehappycrazyhouse-wagnerflexio590-paint-projectOverall – my purchase was a great one.  The clean up was easy and it was way faster than it would have been with just my roller.thehappycrazyhouse-wagnerflexio590-paint-projectthehappycrazyhouse-wagner-paint-projectp.s.  I purchased the sprayer all on my own…..I just wanted to let you know what I worked on this past weekend and what a great purchase it was. Crap!!!  The sprayer turned my weekend project into an afternoon project….so I kinda feel like I am getting away with something!!  It’s like those new washing machine commercials…..’Keep moving tiny people’


DIY a Fall or Halloween Wreath

This fall I wanted to add a little something to the front of our house in honor of fall.  I looked online, in the stores, etc……but could not find one that I really felt like spending the money on.  Here are the supplies

I started with one styrofoam ring and the chevron ribbon – anchored the start of it with a flower pin…..you know the kind….the corsage kind.

thehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreathThen start wrapping.  I kept the ribbon tight against the foam and wrapped all the way around.  I had left over – but instead of trimming off – I just continued wrapping and then pinned the end.

thehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreathYou can see the bulk of the extra length at the top of the wreath.  I have absolutely no idea how to make a good looking bow without making it in separate pieces…so mine is in 2 pieces that I tied together and then pinned to the wreath.

I then took the orange sheer ribbon and started wrapping it around my arm to start making a bow.

thehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonthehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonthehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonNow I start on the other wreath.  I start by using the large burlap ribbon and wrap it as I did the chevron wreath…..when it came to the extra length, I started making loose curls and pinning.

thehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonI continued all the way around so there is a burlap base with loose waves all the way around. I then looped the last bit at the bottom and left 2 feet hanging straight down.  I then threaded the brown ribbon through the loops and left those ends to dangle as well.

IMG_2820Get those pretty DIY fall wreaths on the doors!

thehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonthehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonthehappycrazyhouse-diy-fall-wreath-ribbonFeels so good!





How to update a closet in an afternoon

How to update a room in an afternoon….if your closet doors have been removed as ours are. Jane’s closet was looking pretty dismal in comparison to the rest of the room so I decided to kick it up a notch.
DSCN0736I removed everything from the closet and prepped the walls for paint…..this includes- spackle, sand paper and painters tape.

thehappycrazyhouse-in-progress-closet-updateI am using paint that I already had on hand….both for the wall color and the trim. is anyone noticing that I never painted the trim in the closet???  let’s pretend that never happened…..it’s fixed now :)

Wall:  Behr Premuim Plus in Carolina Coast

Trim:  Valspar white

thehappycrazyhouse-paint-inside-closet-diyIn the before picture you can see that the dresser needs some love. Jane liked to scale the front of it, so it is also missing knobs.

I also prepped the dresser for paint……this includes- wood putty, sand paper and painters tape. HA!!  I used the same paint, Valspar White (from the trim), on the dresser.

IMG_2789Also – a new set a knobs is in order.  These unfinished wood knobs came from Walmart.  I am using Krylon ColorMaster in Champagne Nouveau, a personal favorite, with a Krylon clear coat to top it off.

IMG_2802With some contact paper to keep it clean looking.  You should have seen me with this…..ridiculous.  All I can say is that this brand is pretty awesome.  I made some serious mistakes and was able to fix it all so that speaks volumes.

thehappycrazyhouse-paint-inside-closet-diy-update-dresserA final look

thehappycrazyhouse-paint-inside-closet-diy-paint-dresserWhat do you think??


Whittling down The NeverEnding List

Pretty sure that Dave and I are as awesome as Atreyu and Bastian.  We are totally kicking the Lists butt……I am going to totally ignore the fact that a crap load of tile work is in my future……….

As a reminder The NeverEnding List has been haunting me for ages.

Let’s walk through this bad boy

1 and 2 – the master and guest upstairs bathrooms are still on the list and won’t be completed until the weather turns.

Guest Before:


3.  Jules’ room

Jules After:



4.  Jane’s room

Jane’s After:



5.  Doors

Doors After:


6.  My bedroom


7.  Back patio


8.  Playhouse


9.  Downstairs bathroom – 1/4 of the way done

10.  All the extras…

  • side yard shop – quotes requested (move to 2015 list)
  • front yard garden
  • front gravel parking


  • garage turned game room – won’t be done until side yard shop is done (move to 2015 list)
  • new cement pad in the front – won’t be done until the garage conversion is done (move to 2015 list)

Now – the rest of the year will be devoted to indoor projects  *cough* tiling the bathrooms *cough*

World Map project – new art

I created a new piece for me, and it is awesome.  If you did not already know, I have a thing for maps.  (As seen Here  and explained Here)  I was looking for a way to put together a world map piece and stumbled upon this etsy ad.  I am really glad that I found it, as it made my piece super easy to do.


This piece is going above the cabinets that I have in the living room – so I had Dave cut a piece of wood to match the top that we did for the cabinets.  I prepped by sanding and rounding the edges.  I then measured out my placement and started painting.


I used the same Valspar white that I have on my trim and other accents throughout the house.


I got my poly on, with a light sanding in between coats.

and Viola………..


So pretty – IMG_2780

Last thoughts:  ignore the TV (it’s football season!! I gotta have it out here)  and the shadows…it has been overcast the past few days and I didn’t want to wait for pics.

I have a ton of ideas on more map projects, but I will use my projector for those as I will not be able to use the stencil again.  sad face.

Green Tomato Salsa – Canning

Our area had an early frost – and no amount of covering was saving my tomato plants …sad face…..  In an attempt to save my tomato crop – I pulled all of them and made green tomato salsa.  I had ALOT of tomatoes so this canning recipe is for a large batch.

  • 42 cups of chopped or pureed green tomatoes (I used our food processor as I like a less chunky kind of salsa)
  • 5 tablespoons of minced garlic
  • 6 chopped onions
  • 6 chopped jalapenos – adjust this based on your heat tolerance
  • 2 1/2 cups lemon or lime juice
  • 2 cups chopped cilantro (this is a very polarizing ingredient – do not feel like you need to put it in)
  • 2 tablespoons cumin
  • 2 tablespoons pepper
  • 2 tablespoons oregano
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 19 quart jars

Here I am getting started on my food processor (I did add in some tomatoes that were slightly ripe)


To give you some perspective on how much this is.


and pull it back……


Prep your water bath, jars and lids.  Simmer and don’t boil.

Combine and boil the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic….once the mixture is boiling add in the lemon/lime juice and spices.

Reduce heat and simmer from 5 to 20 minutes.

Carefully ladle the salsa into the hot, prepped jars – add the lid and the screw on lid/band….don’t over tighten.

Place filled jars in the water bath and let boil for 20 minutes – depending on location.

Remove and allow to cool.  Check the lids before labeling and storing.  All lids should be down.




Friday Wrap Up – My girls are growing up

It is amazing how fast your own kids grow up.  I remember it taking forever for me to get old enough to leave the house but my girls are racing for it.

The previous few weeks saw my 2 wonderful girls heading off to their first days of school.  I can’t get over how fast they are growing up……..so cliche……..but DANG IT!!!!

Jules is now in 3rd grade and needs glasses during class.  3rd grade is really when my memory kicked in.  I have memories from before that time period, but they are disjointed.  3rd grade seems to be the turning point for me in remembering time frames, activities and actions clearly.  That is driving home the reality that my kids are growing up and no amount of want will slow time down.


and then there is Jane….my youngest….sigh.  She started pre-school.  This is Jane on her first day of school.


Jane is our youngest and last.  It kills me that she is getting to the point where she is no longer the ‘mini’ or the ‘baby genius’  ……that’s family code for Jane.  She was always small for her age so people were surprised whenever she spoke….baby genius style.  She has hit a growth spurt recently so that doesn’t happen anymore.  *sniff*


My beautiful, smart, wonderful girls.

Changing the dining room

In my decluttering quest...I was distracted.  I was putting away the paint that I had in the dining room for touch-ups I had been working on….when I decided that I should paint the patio door.

Here is my before:


I want to say that I painted the patio door black….maybe a year ago???  I can’t really remember….and I really like it….. it just seems to darken the room.  I fight against a contrast of too dark and super glare-y all the time so I am trying a new color to see if if helps with the too dark half of my problem.

To combat the glare – Dave pitched in by hanging a curtain rod for me and making sure it was properly anchored.

Ikea:  Kvartal single track

Ikea: Kvartal ceiling fixture


Paint:  I used Valspar Ultra as my paint of choice (matches all my trim).  I prepped the surface and went to town.


And from the kitchen:


As distractions go….It was a pretty good one.  I am super pleased with how it turned out.  I will need to work on how the curtains hang and how to drape around our water dispenser but even with those things on my list…I like it.

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