Veedersburg – Martz Marshall

My style has evolved over time, but I seem to have really settled on a more modern style.  Or you could even narrow it down to modern/Atomic Ranch.  I know that the kitchen remodel does not exactly fit this model but I truly believe that the change in flooring and a slight update in the kitchen knickknacks will assist in this style endeavor.  Suggestions??


This leads into my wishlist decor…..I lived outside of Veedersburg, IN for the first years of my life and because my maternal family is from that area…..they seem to bring up a particular pottery shop that was near by (now defunct).  Marshall Studios.

You must try this link!  It has the history of the pottery shop.  A bit about what we have….my mom has an amazing plate and glass dinner service set, along with some lamps, etc.  I have smaller items…..  Like bud vases, pitchers, and small bowls.  I have been trying to expand my collection….but CRAP, it is hard to find the stuff I want…that is a decent price.  To give you a good idea as to the prices of some of the stuff…see below.

Lamps I had my eye on….~$800 and $1200…DAMN!

marshall lamps

Here is a set of bud vases that I was given by my mom and aunt -love you both!!)


Here are a few inspiration shots from

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