The start of something manual laborish

This weekend was the kickoff for the backyard update.  Update seems so mellow after I am on this side of the 2 work days.  I am exhausted!  Part of our to do list before the start of camping season is to get our garden prepped.  Unfortunately – we need to completely start over in the garden department – so we used this weekend as our backyard update kickoff.  Here is a totally awesome sketch I did of what the yard should look like.

DSCN1602Look at that.  I feel like I did this in school.   First step was to take out the chain link fence where all of the purple stuff labeled Privacy Fence is on the sketch.  Then Dave was able to get in with a mini Bobcat and move some dirt around.  The Bobcat was imperative because we are built into a hill and our yard has some serious slope going on.

DSCN1598The layer of turf is gone and flat ‘terraces’ were created on each side of the house.  The terraces will help keep the gravel where we need it to be.

DSCN1601The Privacy Fence has been put into place.  We have a few more finishing touches to do – fill the spot between the fence and the retaining wall, build 2 gates and map out what type of fencing we will put up on top of the retaining wall.  First and only idea so far for the retaining wall is a short tiered 3 foot privacy fence.  This will allow us to match the fence we just put up but also keep it low enough to (hopefully) save the fence from wind destruction.

DSCN1600Those large timbers will be for the steps and the slats are waiting for gates.  Once all the fencing and gates are up we will be ready to complete the finish work on the dirt leveling, the gravel and building the raised gardens….did I say gardens?  Yup.  I know the sketch only had one on it……but I think I need two  🙂

Wish us luck.





3 thoughts on “The start of something manual laborish

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